Paper Example. Healthcare Quality Assurance Plan

Published: 2023-11-12
Paper Example. Healthcare Quality Assurance Plan
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Quality service delivery is critical in the healthcare sector. The Sanit Health Centre has been keen to ensure that the healthcare system is accessible, integrated, safe, related to patients, and useful. This is through not only directing the staff on what to do but also observing the functions and addressing quality management processes individually, and as a whole. The outcome has been improved patient satisfaction.

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Sanit Quality Assurance Program has critically focused on the detection of defects, defect prevention, and continued improvement of processes in the healthcare system. Additionally, the program has focused on ensuring that staff and healthcare professionals are qualified, skilled, and competent to deliver health services efficiently. This is to ensure that the healthcare service is reliable, responsive and provides assurance to the consumer (Aggarwal et al., 2019)

Sanit, however, has noted a decline in the quality of service delivery. There has been reduced customer satisfaction as observed from the tremendous decrease in the number of patients served and complaints of medical negligence as observed during routine inspections by the public health authority. Through weekly staff meetings and workshops, the staff has been notified of their incompetency. The partners, sponsors, and the entire management have also been informed of the worrying trend through monthly conferences.

This service quality decline has prompted the urge to roll out a new, improved Quality Assurance plan. The plan is aligned with measurable goals, based on available resources, and tied to a quality framework. It seeks to meet the expectations of public health authorities and ensure that customer complaint is investigated and improved by introducing a customer care program. Additionally, it seeks to improve staff competency through incentives and strict adherence to skills and qualifications during recruitment (Health, 2016)

The quality assurance plan has been integrated into all Sanit operations departments, and there will be monthly coordination and integration of such activities with the management, partners, and sponsors. The strategies are to be reviewed annually to ensure that all staff, partners, and management follow all the prerequisite requirements. The plan will indeed ensure the recovery and survival of the healthcare system and generally improve the functions of the Sanit Health Care Centre.


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