Free Paper Sample on Appreciation for Teachers and Need for Fairness in Education

Published: 2023-11-07
Free Paper Sample on Appreciation for Teachers and Need for Fairness in Education
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Resilience is a virtue, not trivial enough for everybody to partake in its plate. In his book The Virtue of Resilience, James Whitehead clearly defines moral conduct as the act of adherence to the conventionally set guidelines and policies. Morality and responsibility are two elements that should be practiced during service delivery. Therefore, teachers must be appreciated for being moral and responsible amidst the challenges brought forth by the pandemic. Teachers are faced with several problems as they strive to teach during this period and even ensure that they promote diversity and equity in all aspects; hence they deserve applause. You, our teachers, have proven that you are up to any talk about resilience's virtue. I want to take this opportunity to welcome you back to the next part of our 2020-2021 academic year. The year that has proven to be severe, but the tough gets going when the going gets tough. We are here to get a warm welcome to this academic year, 2020-2021 and appreciate your work. We also have a speaker who will take us through diversity and equity.

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Teaching at Pandemic Period

Teaching at this pandemic period is not an easy task as it is surrounded by many challenges, which may curtail the efficiency of service delivery and performance. Covid-19 is a pandemic that has hit very hard not only our country but also the whole world. Upholding the maximum focus of students at this time is very difficult. However, the better part of this challenge is posed on the young secondary and college students, because they have been forced to shift from the conventional mode of service delivery to the new online system. Meanwhile, some students could be having individual difficulties of disability, making it difficult to clearly and correctly engage them in their studies (Saavedra, 2020). Communication can turn to be a vital issue, based on the fact that one-on-one classes were seized as a suppressing measure of the virus. According to Saavedra, J. (2020), accountability of the students’ assessment results is another problematic issue when using the online module. Therefore, I appreciate your efforts, because you withstood these difficulties to ensure the continuation and smooth run of studies in our school.

Now that I have discussed the challenges teachers face during these unprecedented times, I will continue to explain why as teachers, it is essential to understand and implement our roles in the most effective manner, regardless of the challenges that might chip in. As we continue pursuing the virtue of resilience in this tough time, I think each of us as teachers has various reasons for choosing to be in the teaching profession. We should know what exactly our purpose in life is as far as this career is concerned. Studies done by Anwar and Arifani (2016) postulated that the reason one as a teacher to pursue the education program should act as a motivating factor day by day is to help them understand and implement their roles and responsibilities most effectively.

Practical Knowledge

Teaching is a vital field because it helps every society acquire practical knowledge and skills that can eventually be applied to enhance various economic and social sectors. Rose and McClafferty (2001) referred to education as a calling and not just a manifestation of rigor, because it comes with the ability to change the world through the interaction with children and the young people of the society. As a teacher, one should strive to achieve an excellent academic achievement, by motivating the young people of the community to become conscious, innovative and inventive future leaders of the society (Rose & McClafferty, 2001). That is how weighty a teacher is to the community and building up an individual's purpose in life. We grow and achieve our mission as teachers by pursuing our roles in society.

Now that we have understood why teachers should remain committed to delivering their services at all times, I will now elaborate on the benefits of offering diversified and equitable learning. According to Taylor et al. (2005), an instructor needs to reach all students regardless of the existing differences. To create a successful learning institution, it imperative to integrate the elements of justice and fairness during the delivery process. Ainscow (2016) stated that when teaching about races, different racial groups, and their characteristics, educators should show a universal interest to allow learners to become antiracist in the future. He further explained that teachers have a significant role to play in fighting against racism because students would eventually become whatever they are trained to be. As a result, the students should be made aware to acknowledge and appreciate that there are different races in the world. Still, all have equal opportunities to manifest and make changes. I am very confident that we can now contemplate issues concerning racism and handle them more practically.


Thus, I have discussed the challenges that our teachers go through during this pandemic as they continue to deliver. I have also explained why teachers need to undertake their roles and responsibilities to perfection despite the difficulties. Finally, I have elaborated on the need for creating a diverse and equitable learning environment to ensure that there is inclusion. Teachers are faced with several problems as they strive to teach during this period and even ensure that they promote diversity and equity in all aspects; hence they deserve applause for the effort. In conclusion, we need one another to better our school and society in the future. Let us stay safe while observing all the COVID-19 control measures as we look forward to embarking on serious learning regardless of various pandemic challenges.


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