Essay Sample on The Application of Parse's Theory

Published: 2023-01-18
Essay Sample on The Application of Parse's Theory
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The Parse theory of human becoming gives a sense of direction to nurses in their run-through to give more emphasis on the value of life as per how it is lived and described. Parse's theory is described as a substitute methodology for nursing drill in pediatric oncology (Parse, 1992). The nursing model describes a man as an outspoken vulnerable being who is extra than and diverse from the totality of the parts. We can see the truth in this as the case study shows us how vulnerable Ben (Anne's husband) is tearing trying to explain to the nurse what they have encountered in the death of their daughter and grandson. The surroundings are the whole kit and caboodle in the man and his or her experiences. The atmosphere is attached to the man, as well as balancing to and developing with the person. Ben understands the fate of Anne, and even though he does not want to lose her, he realizes she needs to go after being in an environment where Ben gets the closure he requires. Health being the open practice of being and becoming, it includes the combination of standards (Kim & Kollak, 2006). Nursing is a human science and art which routines a theoretical body of acquaintance to support patients.

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The Parse theory offers a transformative tactic to all intensities of nursing. As compared to the traditional nursing methods, it is all different, predominantly in that it does not seek out to "repair" difficulties. The ideal offers nurses the capability to perceive the patient's viewpoint. This permits the nurse to stand hand in hand with the patient throughout his journey, and counsel him or her concerning the health objectives - the nurse-patient affiliation co-creates varying health sequences (George, 2011). Nurses animate the skill of human becoming in existences with the clarifying of importance, coordinating rhythms, and superiority (Kim & Kollak, 2006). Parse's theory of human becoming would be actualized by the nurse in assisting in creating a strategy of upkeep for the Anne, in addition to guiding her over the phases of Parse's theory of human becoming utilizing rhythmicity transcendence and meaning. Parse's a description of transcendence could lead the nurse as Ann's demise turns into realism to Ben by consoling Ben, being present for him by helping him with all kinds of clarifications that he might need or just being a listening ear to help him vent out.

Characteristics of a human becoming nurse

The main objective of the human becoming nurse it to be genuinely existent for people as they develop the value of their lives (Parse, 1992). Therefore, patience and committed being the first characteristics of a human becoming nurse. They should also be an excellent listener to offer a functional vent space for the person without interfering as it is also a healing process. A human becoming nurse should also be understanding, trustworthy, and humane to be in a position to handle all the client's needs as well as those of the client's family. One should also be passionate about their work, familiarize oneself with nursing framework and theories, value people as a human presence, one who is ready to respect people's opinion, own what you believe and be answerable for your own mistakes, etc. (George, 2011).

Strengths and weaknesses to parse theory

Parse theory makes it possible to distinguish nursing from other disciplines since being a sensitive career, it is important to be diverse. It also offers a guiding principle of care and convenient administration as well as helping in education. It makes it possible to avail research approaches as well as a structure of guide inquiry of other theories in areas of faith, sorrow, or even merriment.

Research in this theory was measured to be in a closed circle; therefore, not everyone had an opinion on it, and the results were hardly quantifiable, making it problematic to equate to other research studies. There is no place in this theory that makes use of the nursing process, and they also contradict the notion that each person should participate in an exclusive lived experience. This information is not reachable to the greenhorn nurse, making it applicable to the elderly nurses, and it is also not pertinent to critical and emergent care.

Most institutions these days are overcrowded and if not, have fewer nurses, so spending this much time with the patients is close to impossible, making this theory only applicable in a few hospitals. In cases of emergency, treating the patient is mostly the, and these contradict the parse theory as what nurses focus on is not the comfort of the patient but the well-being. Times are changing fast, and the humanity in people is fading fast, it is rare to find a confidant in a stranger or a listening ear, this can only be offered by family members, therefore, making it difficult for some institutions to switch to this nursing theory.

The human transcending entails indefinite options of powering through aggressiveness or counterattacking. Originating is a portion of the transcendence with inevitability or indecision and imitating as opposed to not imitating. It is changing with the accustomed or the unaccustomed. This principle guides the nurse as Ben comes in terms with the wife's death. With this in mind, the nurse allows Ben to meditate on their daughter and also to cry on Anne's dismissal as she understands that this changes Ben's way of human becoming. The nurse is aware of what is expected of her, and she knows the best approach is to be there for the patient's family, she knows how to react and the kind of attitude she is supposed to display. The nurse's choices echo Ben's habits of changing and moving in the progression of becoming.

Rogers' (2011) science of unitary human beings is the fit theory to go hand in hand with the Parse's approach as it avails an all-inclusive outlook of human beings and their surroundings and hypothesizes them as intricate and undividable units. Human beings and environmentally friendly are perceived as verve arenas that change constantly. Roger (2011) appealed that the environment of human beings can only be agreed over scrutiny of all magnitudes moderately than their specific scopes. This reasoning would be well collaborated in the same institution with Parse's theory as they are both considerate of the surrounding. In her opinion, the aim of nursing is not the management of health complications, but the advancement of variation in the trend of anywhere human beings reflect they are headed. This points out that Rogers's theory fits within Parse's line of thinking.

Care plan for Ben using both Roger's and Parse's theory.

The original plan is to comprehend and pay attention to Ben's outlook on the occurrence and psychosomatically organize for home-based care. Consequently, it becomes the nurse' role to develop a sustained communication where Ben will be in a position to vent his past experiences and worries. The nurse will also be in a better place to educate him on the significance of psychological counseling that will empower him to face realism. The Second plan would be to survey Ben's judgments and sensitivity i.e., the rhythm of his thoughts. This way, Ben will be more coordinated, thus allowing him to deal with the hardships he has encountered since losing three people in your life is traumatizing. In this phase, objectives are acknowledged, grounded on his approaches and beliefs. The final plan would be to recognize the top method that could improve the full accomplishment of the goals agreed upon, for example, enquiring on his ideas and settling on the best counselor.


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