Essay Sample on Health Care Changes and Nursing Education

Published: 2019-10-24
Essay Sample on Health Care Changes and Nursing Education
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In the present health care environment, the rise in chronic diseases, health care policy changes, and aging population among other issues has led to a significant shift that requires advanced practice nurses to undertake their operations at the health cares forefront. The change also follows the countrywide movement surrounding the nursing profession, which requires nurses to pursue higher education to cope with the current needs of the healthcare environment. Nurses need to continue higher education unlike they did in the past. Even though the primary roles they handle do not change, nurses should make sure they are adequately prepared to cope with the various needs of patients. They should also act as leaders, and focus on progressing science to ensure that patients realize the benefits while at the same time serve as health care experts capable of delivering quality and safe care. Additionally, when nurses pursue the higher education they become adequately prepared to work in a collaborative and productive manner with different health care professionals in multifaceted and developing health systems in diverse care environments.

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Furthermore, when nurses pursue higher education, they boost their knowledge as well as competencies, just as it is the care with other health care professionals. The nurses also develop capabilities of meeting the growing demands, which every nurse experiences today. With higher education, the nurses gain significant value in leadership, critical thinking, health promotion, case management, and capacity to practice in diverse outpatient and inpatient settings. With these competencies, the nurses receive notable recognition from the military, federal agencies, health care institutions, magnet hospitals, leading nurse schools, and other nursing advocacy organizations.

The present shift witnessed in the nursing environment will have significant influence in my profession as a nurse. For instance, during the last few decades, I have realized that researchers, policymakers, as well as practice leaders, have noted that education has a notable influence on the ways through which nurses undertake their operations in the health care setting. When nurses pursue higher education, such as the BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), the program comprises of all the material found in diploma as well as associate degree courses. It also provides students with the opportunity for engaging in in-depth study surrounding social and physical sciences, nursing management and leadership, nursing research, public, and community health nursing, as well as humanities. Therefore, I believe that the in-depth and broader education would provide with the capacity for developing professionally and allow me to gain vital understanding concerning the diverse cultural, social, political, and economic issues that influence health care delivery and patients.

Based on my experience with the nursing profession, I believe that my personality aligns with my decision to pursue a nursing career. As an introvert, I usually have the tendency for laying emphasis on my individual mental life. I feel more energetic when engaging in quiet reflection and feel less energetic when dealing with large groups of people. Concerning my career choice as a nurse, I would prefer to pursue oncology. The profession would be ideal, since it provides practitioners with options for exercising independence, diligence, oriented toward specific tasks, working alone, and sustaining control over the operating environment. Hence, based on my personality traits, it is apparent that my personality matches with my desire to pursue a nursing career in oncology.

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