Grief & Stress: Mr. Sanchez's Family Presenting Issues - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-11
Grief & Stress: Mr. Sanchez's Family Presenting Issues - Essay Sample
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Presenting issues is a critical step in the nursing field. In this analysis, we focus on the presenting problem on the Mr. Sanchez family. The main problem of Mr. Sanchez's family is grief and stress. Their pain and anxiety come from the losses they have suffered in recent times. Mr. Sanchez's presenting problem is the loss of health through the stroke, an illness associated with those above the age of 65 (elderly age). Mr. Sanchez's presenting problem is both griefs from loss and preemptive grief. Tom and Mary both suffer from the pain of loss (Albertini, 2020).

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Identify clients. What are you visualizing from the information in the scenario?

The first client is Mrs. Sanchez. From the information, it is logical to visualize Mrs. Sanchez caring for her sickening husband if the parents of the kids were alive. Additionally, an analogy that the accident killed the parent of Tony happened for a good reason since he was an alcoholic father. Maybe it was a way of making the children be brought up by the responsible older parents.

Mr. Sanchez. From the second client, from the information, there is a visualization of the old age and side effects that include stroke. There is a likelihood that after he gets out of rehabilitation, he can continue advising his grandkids out of grief (Rogalla, 2020).

The Sanchez family from the information cannot deal with anticipatory grief, loss of despair and, loss from someone's illness. Tony is dealing with loss through transference and deviant behavior. His latest practice in school is a consequence of grief. Maria, from the information, provides a visualization of withdrawal. Unlike his brother, who deals with grief through deviant behavior, Maria is withdrawn from friends and family.

Identify the stressors of each person from the case?

Mr. Sanchez's primary stressor is old age. At the age of 78, there is a risk of stroke and other comorbid effects. The sustained complications of stroke are caused by stress, lack of physical exercise, and grief from losing the two loved ones. He is also distressed by the loss of health. Mrs. Sanchez is suffering from three current stressors and is the most affected by the recent events. The three stressors experienced by Mrs. Sanchez include anticipatory grief stressors. She anticipates that things might worsen if they lose Mr. Sanchez, and that's why she hides Toni's behavior. She also predicts that revealing the condition of the grandfather to the children might cause further grief. It is also true to identify that she suffers from losing the mother and father to her grandchildren (Rogalla, 2020). Lastly, the role of stepping up and becoming the new mother to her grandkids overwhelms her. She feels if they were living things would probably be different. Tony and Maria are most certainly stressed because of the loss of their parents. Toni evokes a lot of emotions and transfers them to bullying others in the school and becoming deviant. Maria deals with her interpersonal stress of being orphaned through withdrawal.

What information would you like to know? Is there more information to gather, if so What and your rationale for the What?

Since everyone in the family is showing signs of stress, yet the death took five years ago, it is essential to inquire if there is any recent situation that occurred at home, which triggered the feeling of grief caused by loss. The trigger might vary from financial issues to birthdays or any events. The rationale for understanding triggers is to train the affected to avoid the same. Triggers are common causes of grief and should be avoided (Cabrera, & Stevenson, 2017).

Which resources would you implement for all parties in this case?

All members of the family need to be subjected to grief counseling. Mr. Sanchez should continue seeing psychotherapy until he can resume normal function. A psychotherapy program that runs for two weeks with an expert will see him return normal functions, including climbing the two stories. Mrs. Sanchez, overwhelmed by her new role, might need to hire a nanny or house help, which makes her emotionally available for her children. Toni, to control her evoked emotions, should be allowed to join a sporting activity. If not, she should be allowed to join an extra-curricular activity to help him transfer his feelings. Maria should be encouraged to join social groups, get a friend she can talk to, and the whole family of Mr. Sanchez enrolls in a counseling group to help them deal with grief.

Identify attitudes and stereotypes toward aging and older adults?

The stereotypes people have towards the aging populations are many, but the familiar ones include; a negative, positive attitude and stereotypes. Like racism, negative stereotypes include the assumption that older adults are unable to adapt to a new situation or new environments. Another negative stereotype is that people assume they are all witty and do not require counseling services. These stereotypes that people think they are fair to place on the aging adults interfere with their egos.


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