Free Essay Sample on Green Excavations

Published: 2019-08-29
Free Essay Sample on Green Excavations
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Green technologies are the applications of the environmental science technology, which is applied to the development and conservation of the natural resources and the environment so that there can be minimization and mitigation of adverse impacts on the environment from the human activities. Green technology is sustainable in that it can balance the fulfillment of human needs with the protection of the natural resources and environment so that the needs can be met not only in the present but also in the future (Crampton, 2008). Convection green technologies can be applied in the field of water, energy conservation, erosion prevention and environmental remediation.

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Remediation of contaminated sited falls under the description of sustainability in that cleaning up all the land and returning the abandoned land to effective re-use will have economic, social and environmental benefits. The odd approach which involved digging holes in the ground (excavation) and trucking the contaminated soils to another large hole in the ground (landfill site) is being replaced with the green excavation technologies (Crampton, 2008).. There are also different technologies that can be used with its effect and they include wind power bioremediation technology, which uses farm mills to introduce air into the soil and ground water so that the contaminants would be destroyed. There is photo remediation, permeable reactive barriers, in-situ and ex-situ bioremediation, ground-source heat pump installation, use of trenchless technologies and the energy audit remediation to optimize operations.

The most common technology has through the use of excavation methods to destroy the contaminants and maintain the quality of soil and the safety of the environment. The traditional excavation method involving the use of excavator increases the risk of soil erosion, destruction of the soil structure which can be dangerous to the buildings over it and the underground water. The environmentally friendly excavation technology that can be applied is the hydrovac excavation (Edmunds, 2008). Hydrovac excavation is the most delicate but safe excavation technique that there is. It is simply the method of using high-pressure water and the vacuum so that it can be able to move and replace the soil with much ease.

It uses high-pressure jets that loosen up the material that is targeted for removal and then the vacuum will take the loosened material and put it in the handy tank. Hydrovac excavation is the best technology if someone is a firm believer in the green technology. The hydrovac uses water since it is the universal solvent and can be used to break down soil and hard particles. Water kill static electricity, and static discharge can cause ignition which is a safe, hazard (Edmunds, 2008). While the Hydrovac uses water, it is enabled to apply to different places where hazardous environments can be found. With the method of using water, the water can be heated to excavate the frozen ground (Edmunds, 2008). Hydrovac excavation is used to minimize the amount of dust and the debris that falls off the trucks while it leaves the sites avoiding the materials to make their way into the waterways.

The method can also suck the spills on the ground, thus rinsing the contaminated area and therefore reducing the impacts of the contaminants to the environment. Hydrovac is eco-friendly as it makes sure that the surrounding soils are not touched as it excavates the proper areas (Edmunds, 2008). By so doing, the techniques causes soil erosion prevention and the completion of the process required to be well done with the least impact possible. For an individual or a company with a belief in green technology, then hydrovac will be the remedy.


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