Global Stratification - Free Essay Example

Published: 2021-02-11
Global Stratification - Free Essay Example
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The make of the blender is ramtons. It was manufactured in China for Hypermart limited. The make of the electric kettle is the ramtons which was manufactured in China. The sandwich makers make is ramtons which was manufactured in Peoples Republic of China. The make of my television is Sony which was manufactured in China. The portable speakers that I have are of Sony make and the location of manufacture is China. The home theatre system is also the make of Sony and was also manufactured in China.

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The first piece of cloth is a trench coat whose label is Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) that has their manufacturers in China. The second piece of cloth is a trouser which is labeled Gianni Versace. The manufacturer is Italy. The third piece of cloth is a shirt which is labeled Louis Vuitton and is manufacturer is France. The fourth piece of cloth is a pair of shorts which is labeled Prada. Prada has their manufacture in Italy. Finally, the last piece of cloth is a scarf that is labeled Chanel. The manufacturer of Chanel is France.

The vast majority of the manufacturers of the above items is China. They manufacture home appliances, electronics and even clothing (Hsueh, 2011). Though, the research will be on Gianni Versace. It is commonly known as Versace. Versace is an Italian company that focuses on fashion and trade too. It was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. The main collections which they manufacture within their Versace group are the Versus Versace, Versace jeans and Versace Collection. The headquarters of Gianni Versace are in Milan, Italy, where they opened their first store. Versace is multinational company with its roots in Italy. Versace has open shops all over the world and their products are accessible in more than fifty countries where they are established. For other boutiques that do not base on the brand or manufacturers, they also sell Versace collection so they are available globally. Versace has a subsidiary which is known as Versace USA, Inc. which is in the United States. In regard to employment, Versace employs the best in the industry of fashion. The fashion designers, the sewers and the entire manufacturing teams have to be perfect in their work so that they can be able to deliver perfect work. Financially, Versace is the top in the design industry followed by Chanel. This is enough evidence that there financial position is at the top. It is also why there products are somewhat costly but worth the price. From this particular research, it is evident that my product is of the best quality and manufactured in by the best also (Martin, 1998).

In the above, most of the products are manufactured in China. Trying to find something to buy that had not been manufactured in China was a very difficult endeavor. Ninety eight percent of all the products were labeled made in China and it made it very difficult. I picked up a lot of stuff which I had to put back because they had been manufactured in China. The things I picked were mobile phones, coffee making machines, a hair dryer and a gaming system. While on the shopping experience, As I window shopped I realized that most of the products had been labeled made in China. I did not buy what I intended so I ended up buying a leather bag labeled Rift Valley Leather which is manufactured and produced in Kenya. I could not buy any electronic as they had all been manufactured in China. I learnt that china is a multinational manufacturer and they manufacture almost everything in the market (Pecht, 2007).

I visited the Picture Frame Factory which is one of the many local businesses which participated in the Shop the Neighborhood activity that took place on November the twenty eighth in Vancouver. I choose this business as I was attracted by the uniqueness of their work and that gave me a thought that I needed a photo frame, or two, for that matter. I ended up buying a huge wall picture frame and two small ones that just stand on a surface. Before I landed on what to buy, I took the initiative to look around and see their products. Surprisingly, most of them were locally made. Apparently, all of the pieces were hand made. They are made in their stores at a workshop section that they have set at the back. This is because they also accept to make custom picture frames that suit the needs of the customer. Among all the pieces that were available for the shopping activity none of the photo frames had been made and produced by multinationals or rather businesses that were non-local, all of them were locally produced. All of the products in that specific business were local as they were also labeled as so.

The other business which I visited was the Sienna Boutique because I wanted to get a pair of jeans for myself. The other reason as to why I went to Sienna Boutique is because they were selling confidence and self-esteem and I loved that idea. By the time I was leaving the local business I had bought a pair of flat shoes and a pair of boots. I bought a watch, several pieces of earrings, a bracelet and two pieces of necklace. I was amazed by the prices they were offering as compared to the quality of the products that were exquisite. All the products that I bout were labeled Sienna. Most of them, if not all of them were made locally by Aimee herself who is the owner. She has her employed team that helps her in the crafts where they are needed. She has her local team that does the services for the final products in the business. Apparently, none of the products in that business were made by multinationals or rather non-local businesses. All of them were locally made, completely. There was a wide range of products ranging from shoes, hats, jewelry, feminine wear, handbags, ladies wallets and purses.

From taking part in the Shop the Neighborhood event, I was mesmerized by the findings. First, I did not expect that some of the beautiful products that are sold locally are also manufactured locally. It was interesting to find that they are even affordable and their quality is also exquisite. I learnt that it is important to look for locally manufactured products before going into the hyper mats and the malls where they might not be available. It is important to promote local markets so that they may be able to reach the multinational standards (Bunting 2005).

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