Free Essay on Georjan and Building Cleaner

Published: 2023-11-24
Free Essay on Georjan and Building Cleaner
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Georjan and building cleaner focuses on keeping the buildings clean and neat and perform hefty cleaning obligations like cleaning the floors, washing walls and grass, and also shampooing the rugs. It also consists of removing the rubbish after cleaning and taking it to the dumping sites.

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More to that, Georjan aims at tending furnaces and boilers; it engages in conservation actions by informing the management of the need for repairs when it arises.

Besides, it will with acting routinely be collecting debris from the sidewalk to ensure that the city is kept clean at all times.

Employee Benefits (Mandatory Benefits)

We have benefits that are compensated and are required by federal or state law to provide you with.

  • -Health Insurance -Disability
  • Social Security -Minimum Wage
  • -Cobra -Unemployment Benefits Insurance
  • -Worker’s Compensation -Overtime
  • -Family and Medical Leave Act (2 to 12 weeks)

Social Security will provide support for retired workers. Unemployment insurance assists laid-off or terminated workers, and Worker’s Compensation Insurance provides benefits to workers that are injured on the job. Health Insurance we offer for yourself and your family. We have dental and vision insurance as well.

Company Provided Benefits (Discretional Benefits)

These are employee benefits that are offered at our discretion and are covered under a labor agreement.

  • -Medical Care -Sick Leave
  • -Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave
  • -Pay- Raises -Vacation Leave
  • -Paid Holidays -Severance Pay

Paid Leave- will include vacations, holidays, and sick leave. You may be compensated for jury duty, funerals of family members, and military duty.

Life Insurance- We offer life insurance at a low rate. With term life insurance policies if the employee dies during the term beneficiaries receive a payment called death benefit.

Disability Insurance

  • -Provides protection against the loss of income of an employee.
  • - Family and Friends Benefits
  • -Family Leave -Child Care
  • -College Savings -Elder Care

Child Care- We provide vouchers and discounts for employees to use at child care facilities.

College Savings- This plan lets family members take a portion of their earnings and deposit it into a 529 savings plan. We will match 5%.

Duties, Qualifications, and Laws Considered

The organization benefits from job descriptions. It is a structured and factual statement of a jobs function and objectives and should give physical location where the duties will be performed.

When creating job descriptions, you must consider your Employment Opportunity, Equal Pay Act of 1963, Fair Labor Standards Act Occupational Safety and Health Act and your Americans with Disability Act.

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