Free Essay Example: Future of Nature

Published: 2023-09-07
Free Essay Example: Future of Nature
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Change is inevitable, and as the world strives to achieve globalization, change is witnessed in every aspect of life. Human beings strive to make living better by building fortunes in material things, striving towards better and healthy living by improving science and medicine, and by making life more comfortable through innovation. Researchers seek to discover improved life choices every day, a virtue that has been rewarding to the human population, but lowly affected natural habitats and other living species undetected. Amid world celebration for human beings' achievements, climate change, destruction of natural resources, radiation, and reduced life span of different species affect society slowly. After reading the article in Orion Magazine “Forever Gone” by Drew, one begins to understand how living for all species is endangered and how fast nature precious and aesthetic to the eye can die and be forgotten. The paper will explore the future of life by reviewing the article "Forever Gone” by Drew.

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In the article, a bird of the parrot family, the Carolina parakeet is known for its intelligence and beauty, ceased to exist long before World War I. The bird was a rare species that drew attention and often was kept in zoos for its aesthetic values. By 1918, the bird was no more, What remained to exist were few artworks of the bird captured in drawing, few are available in museums, but they do not highlight the aesthetic elements of the bird as in real life. The extinction of the bird is an excellent example of the slowly and undetected changes experienced in nature, some affecting human life and the ecosystem. Changes due to globalization have caused degradation of the natural habitats for many species, has affected and changed the human culture.

As the world celebrates innovation and globalization, it is essential to evaluate what effects an achievement will have in return. Results may be minimal but gradual, causing unexpected and unforeseen damages in the future. The native species need to be protected from extinction to retain the beauty of nature and preserve them for future generations. Today, no person can understand the aesthetic value of the Carolina parakeet because people failed to protect the species. Human beings reclaimed most bird natural habitats, and others hunted the bird for recreation to its extinction. The extinction of the bird is no different from social culture extinction. People continue to lose aspects of their life so crucial to globalization and technology.

Class Questions

  1. The class should discuss whether globalization and innovation are rewarding or damaging to nature and human species?
  2. The class should discuss Ways to protect natural habitats amid globalization and innovation.
  3. The class should discuss whether the extinction of certain species such as the Carolina parakeet was for good, or was it a loss to nature?


DREW, L. (2020). Orion Magazine | Forever Gone. Retrieved 17 June 2020, from

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