Essay Example about French Food in Thailand

Published: 2022-02-22
Essay Example about French Food in Thailand
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Besides clothing and language, food is an essential part of French culture. French cuisine is regarded as the best in the world. Some famous French dishes include boeuf bourguignon is a stew made from beef broth, garlic seasoning and beef poached in red wine. Another renowned recipe is the coq au vin dish made from burgundy wine, chicken, pork fat, mushrooms, onions, and garlic. The most exciting bit of French cuisines is their value and appreciation for culinary arts and how they've adapted food as part of their culture. The French food culture has spread to most parts of the globe including Thailand. The prominence of the dishes in Thailand may have been a result of the colonial period where the British and the French made it their neutral colony. The essay gives a brief history of French cuisine and how it is depicted in Thailand.

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The French cuisine has its roots in the Haute recipes and dishes. The Haute cuisine was first created by a chef known as La Varenne. His recipes were known as the high fare, and his work is what is known as the authentic French cookbook. Varenne's book had recipes which focused more on reserved and thrifty meals. The ingredients of his recipes have been continually used in to improve the abundance of meals and while making it savory and satisfactory. After the French revolution in the 19th century, chefs were able to create and offer any food product they desired. During this time, a remarkable culinary writer known as Escoffier Auguste enlightened La Varenne's recipes. He modified and streamlined the existing formulas by adding some secret ingredients and cooking methods which gave rise to the modern French cuisine. Through colonization, industrialization, and modernization, the contemporary French cuisine has found its way in many countries including Thailand.

Thailand has excellent cuisines like the Tom Yum Goong and the Pad Thai also known as the stir-fried noodles. This does not mean that it cannot borrow cuisines from other cultures. There are many French restaurants in Thailand. For instance, Bangkok has several French hotels which include: Le Normandie, Le Maverick Restaurant and Bar, and The Reflections. Among the most common dishes served include; yellowtail kingfish, crabmeat, oysters, lamb with eggplant and dashes of garlic. These are among the signature dishes and their ingredients are easy to come across. These are among the most popular restaurants serving French dishes which vary from snails to beef and baguettes. The baguettes in Thailand are used to make delicious sandwiches filled with meat or vegetables as per an individual's liking. Their beef and snail dishes are well marinated and are specially prepared to taste like original France dishes.

Besides restaurants, luxury hotels in Thailand also serve French dishes. The French cuisine is quite simple and classy which makes it ideal to serve in luxurious places. The Suanthip Vana Resort in Chiang Mai and the Twinpalms Phuket in Phuket are among the most well-appointed retreat hotels which serve impeccable French cuisines. These lavish resorts have wine rooms and grills which are part of the dining culture in France. They also have modern kitchens with highly trained staff, bakeries to prepare fresh cakes and pastries and gardens which provide fresh ingredients for meals prepared. French cuisine is mostly preferred in restaurants and high-end resorts because it is inexpensive, involves sophisticated cooking and presents an outburst of flavors. It also thrives in presentation and incorporates different seasonings to produce a savory meal. The French food culture is dominant in Thailand. Most Thai hotels, restaurants, and resorts offer French dish servings besides native Thai food.

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