Free Paper with Some Questions on Prison Management

Published: 2022-03-01
Free Paper with Some Questions on Prison Management
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1. Discuss the foremost function/responsibility of a medium/maximum security prison.

The chief function of the maximum security prison is to help rehabilitate individuals of their wrong acts. Rehabilitation and transformation of behavior is the key responsibility of any maximum security prison.

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2. Describe The Population's "Classifications" Of The Inmates.

The Ash field prison department is a prison which has a population of one thousand three hundred and thirty inmates. This prison is known to hold male adults and also young offenders (independent monitoring boards, 2017).

3. Provide the MISSION STATEMENT of the Prison.

As per the Ash field prison annual report, the following is their mission statement. "To serve and protect the people of Arizona by securely incarcerating convicted felons, by providing structured programming designed to support inmate accountability and successful community reintegration, and by providing effective supervision for those offenders conditionally released from prison." (independent monitoring boards, 2017)

4. Explain in detail what is "correctional accreditation"?

As per the Bedford prison, the term correctional accreditation is used to refer to the powers granted to the prison to impose discipline procedures regarding punishments in the rehabilitation process. Correctional accreditation refers to following the set rules in order to gain rehabilitation powers.

5. List The Number (How Many) Of Sworn Personnel And The Number Of Civilian Personnel.

In the Ash field prison, there is approximately 70 sworn personnel. These personnel function with the assistance of civilian personnel. The number of civil personnel in this prison is approximately forty in number. It should be noted that this is an approximation as the person I contacted to get this information has not been in Ash field prison for long. This prison is located in Puckle church England (independent monitoring boards, 2017).

6. Inmate Housing Classification. How Are They Segregated: Is It By The Offense, Age, Sex, Medical, Or A Combination Of These? Explain.

Further inquiry on Bedford prison led me to inquire about their housing classification. As a result of my inquiry, I found out that the housing system is not carried out randomly as it follows a given system. The housing allocation in this particular prison is carried out with the consideration of offenses. Most inmates are allocated cells depending on the crimes they have committed (independent monitoring boards, 2017).

7. Your Text Chapter. 12 Discuss Centralization Vs. Decentralization In Prisons. Is Your Correctional Department Operating As Centralized Or Decentralized, Or Is It In Transition?

The management system in Bedford prison is centralized. This can be supported by the fact that this prison has an overall leader who is in charge of the entire department in Ash field prison. By the term department, I simply refer to units such as catering and medical services. (independent monitoring boards, 2017)

8. Explain What Specific Factors Are Present In The Management And Administration That Resulted In Your Answer For A.

The factor that led me to opting centralization as the management system in spite of the fact that the managerial process is carried out from a single point. All the activities carried out in Bedford prison are handled and controlled from a single point. This is a perfect illustration of a centralized management system.

9. Your Text, Chapter 5 Explains Organizational Conflict And How It Can Be Used To Bring Attention To Issues And Ultimately Result In A Positive Outcome. These Issues In A Correctional Setting Can Be Potentially Explosive, And Diffusing Them Quickly Is Paramount. Discuss A Real Example That Occurred In Your Selected Correctional Department.

The phrase organizational conflict as at the content in chapter five simply refers to the activities not flowing in the expected direction. Organizational conflict arises due to facts like vague instructions that cannot be effectively carried out. Organizational conflict is present in all the prisons I contacted, but the clearest is a case that occurred in Bedford prison. It so occurred that in this prison there occurs a problem of overstocking of supplies due to poor specifications from the user department.

10. Citing From The Various Specific Management And Leadership Styles Discussed In Your Textbook, What Leadership Style Would Best For Use By The Director Or Warden Towards His Staff Personnel? Comprehensively Explain Why?

Management and leadership is important tool in any prison for an effective rehabilitation process. This factor has thus made it necessary to have different leadership styles which can be adopted. Among the available leadership styles discussed in class include the autocrat, the participative and the transactional leader. Among the various leadership styles available, the adoption of the participative leadership strategy would be effective to a prison warden. This procedure is effective as it helps in setting the example for the junior staff.

B. What Would Leadership Style Be Best For Correctional Line Personnel Towards The Inmates? Comprehensively Explain Why?

The correctional line personnel plays a very important role in rehabilitating the inmates. Their role requires them to adopt leadership styles. The most effective leadership style for this particular position is an autocrat. This leadership style is very effective as it involves the correctional line personnel allowing the inmates to make their own decisions.

Part Two (Question 11-20)

11. A. Define The Managerial Concept Of Span Of Control, As It Relates To Management Of A City Police Department.

The phrase managerial concept as per our course studies is used to refer to the extent of power in a given position and the number of subordinate staff a supervisor has. The Lancaster police department has its operation running in such a way that those in administrative positions have their powers limited to a given number of individuals.

B. Apply The Concept And Tell Me What The Span Of Control Is For Two Management Or Supervisory Positions, Like Sgt, Lt, Capt., Etc.

The span of control of control is used as a tool to limit powers and also as a coordination tool. This policy helps to avoid collision of activities.

12. Define A Hierarchy Of Command.

As per the New York police department, the term hierarchy of command is used to refer to the various positions and the roles assigned to each position. It should be noted that the chain of command is used to dictate the powers of every position in the police department

13. List All (Hierarchy Of Command) Ranks Of City Police Department's Patrol Division, From Top To Bottom.

The New York police department has the following ranks. The list describes the ranks from top to bottom.

Lieutenants who are also referred as captains




14. Explain C.A.L.E.A (Commission Of Law Enforcement Accreditation), And The Process Of Accreditation For Law Enforcement Agencies.

The commission of law accreditation is a commission which is established in the United States of America for purposes of accrediting the citizen's safety and training students in academics. This commission was formed in the year 1979, and it has established its headquarters in Gainesville, Virginia. The primary sources of this commission have been to improve the law enforcement procedures by having a body of standards which is developed by law enforcement commissioners. This commission has been in existence for quite some time now, and it has been known to derive its powers from the four major law enforcement membership associations. Among the four major law enforcement membership association, the international association of chief of police (IACP) and the national sheriffs' Association (NSA) are widely known to general public. This commission comprises of twenty-one commissioners.

The C.A.L.E.A is responsible for accreditation of law enforcement agencies. The process of accreditation is carried out in stages. The stages involved during accreditation include enrolment, self-assessment, on-site assessment, commission review and decision and maintaining compliance. All these stages must be followed whenever a new agency is being accredited. This procedure is rigid as cannot be tampered with in any situation.


An organization chart simply refers to a chart that is used to describe the position of powers in any given organization. Organizational charts are used to show the structures of any organization or department. This term is also used when it comes to describing a business structure.

16. Referencing A CITY Police Department That Is Represented By A Union, Name That UNION And Its Role In Police Management.

The following is an organization chart of the New York police department.

17. Laws That Can Be Enforced By A Law Enforcement Agency Are City Ordinances/Code Ordinances, Traffic/State Laws, And Federal Laws. Which One Is The Only Law Enforcement Agency Type (City, County, State, And Federal) That Can Enforce 4 Of These Five Categories Of Law?

The state laws can enforce four categories of the five categories of law. This makes the state law the most superior among the law enforcement agencies.

18. COMMUNITY POLICING In 2018 Is Again Being Touted To Be The Solution For The Increase In Violent Crimes In Cities Like Baltimore And Chicago.

The practice of community policing is a practice that involves having police officers to maintain law and order by working closely with the local inhabitants. This policy has been employed in the current days to allow officers to play their roles easily. It is established by trust and confidence. The patrol officers in any region are meant to develop the rapport with the community in their area of operation. Community policing has been effective as it has recorded encouraging results. This procedure should be adopted in all regions as it is easy to implement and very effective.

19. List And Discuss Three Issues/Challenges/Problems That Police Management Face Today.

a. Financial constraints

b. Rise of militia groups and gangs

c. Leadership wrangles

20. Referencing A CITY Police Department That Is Represented By A Union, Name That UNION And Its Role In Police Management.

The New York police department has its activities represented by the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association. This union is useful as it helps the management in various issues such as determining the remuneration of the support staff and also advocating for improvement of the working condition.


Ferreira, B. (2016). The use and effectiveness of community policing in a democracy. Washington DC: national institute of justice.

Independent monitoring boards. (2017). Annual report of the IMB at HMP Ashfield prison. National Preventive Mechanism.James, N. (2015, October 13). Congressional Research Service. New York.

Tranjanowicz, r. c. (2015). Understanding Community Policing a Framework of Action . New York.

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