Free Paper with Questions on Nursing Care

Published: 2022-05-31
Free Paper with Questions on Nursing Care
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Why is the way an individual defines health and health problems important?

How a person defines health is crucial since there are diverse definitions which mean varied perceptions of what health problem is. Considering how nursing practitioners define health and health problems, it affects their career in that the definition guides them on the appropriate interventions for a patient with a particular issue. Thus, it would be essential to have a standard universal definition to make sure that for any specific disorder, there is a standard measure for its management (Sartorius, 2006). On the other hand, patient's definition of health and health problems also matters. It influences the decision of the patient to seek medical advice.

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What are the implications for nursing?

Nursing is fundamentally vital for the prosperity of patients. Healthcare practitioners and nurse investigators are in a crucial position to detect, educate, intervene, refer and make new strategies for people at risk of developing intellectual impairment (Lubbe & Roets, 2014). A nurse can also present simple approaches which can assist patients to reimburse cognitive decline. They can also examine and create strategies to maintain or advance cognitive functioning.

Is there a theoretical model of health that is particularly interesting to you? Why?

Of all theoretical model of health, trans-theoretical model is the most interesting because it accounts individual readiness to sustain and make changes in behaviors. It also describes behavioral change process of patients (Sallis, Owen & Fisher, 2015). It is also important because it helps nurses to create programs by individual ability, motivation, and readiness.

What is the nursing organization that explicitly states nurse's commitment to providing service to populations?

The American Nurses Association (ANC) is a nursing organization that explicitly states nurses' commitment to providing service to populations (Kleinpell, Scanlon, Hibbert, Ganz, East, Fraser & Beauchesne, 2014). It has a wide focus, surrounding nursing profession. Membership in this organization provides an effective means by which professional nurses can influence healthcare strategies, protect and represent the welfares of nurses, give the nurses an opportunity to continue with nursing education, and offer supporter for the excellent attention be given to the public (Kleinpell et al., 2014).


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