Free Paper with Essays Analysis

Published: 2022-07-29
Free Paper with Essays Analysis
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The Language of Oppression by Haig A. Bosmajian

Having a name is a valuable thing for any person because it gives a person the sense of identity and status. Reading this reading brings me to see the essence and value in a person's name as the definition of identity and sense of belonging. It is mysterious to be without a name to oneself and when one does not tag a name to his identity it shows he has something to hide or he is not genuine. In this view language, on the other hand, affects all aspects of our lives because it builds on the person's name to help inspire and motivate us to be what we are. The integral use of language and name makes people define who they are and distinguish the level of power they possess making it possible for people in better positions in life to belittle and oppress other.

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The Prince of Creation by Susanne K. Langer

The reading brings out the significant difference between human beings with animals because of the important element to communicate. The utilization of language and though as a way for human being to be able to live with each other makes them complex and more complicated than animals. Communication is either through symbols or signs where symbols are the way people are able to think about the thing being represented in a communication. Signs are those things that make human being think and act on something being communicated.

The Cultural Importance of Art by Susanne K. Langer

Our belief and understanding of certain aspects like art are what characterizes our thought and appreciation of the said concepts. Art is a culture that has influenced the lives of many people in the way it gives meaning to the understanding and appreciation of life. Therefore, the different artistic elements in human life like a song, dance, painting, and drama shapes the revolution of the human future.

By Any Other Name by Santha Rama Rau

Racial discrimination is deep-rooted in our schools. Young children are subjected to dark labeling and isolation because of their cultural differences with the rest of the class. The obstacles relating to racial discrimination in education institutions is not only done by the students but also indirectly by the teachers who treat the minority learners with certain discriminative labeling and negative perceptions and labeling like when Santha was to take her first test the teacher took her to the back of the class with other Indian students in the class. When she questioned the action the teacher told her that Indians cheat in examinations.

The Two Faces of Language by Robin Lakoff

Language gives two sides of literal understanding in the representation of people and character. The dialogue between different people brings out the contemporary meaning of what language is used to make mutual understanding between the parties. Language is used to represent inner thought and the cultural understanding of a human being making communication show the personal ideology of the person.

Everybody is a Politician by Robin Lakoff

Acquisition and understanding of political power everybody has their language, gender and political understanding of the different aspects of life. The participation in political authority does not necessarily mean running for office. It is the democratic and diplomatic duty to advocate for one's rights and place in the society.

Analysis of The Prince of Creation by Susanne K. Langer

In her essay, Langer utilizes the human nature of language and thought to distinguish the mode of communication between men and animals. Through the exploration of signs and symbols, human beings are able to counter hard situations in life decisively to enhance indent understanding and development to interpret the things they encounter in life. Langer applies a difficult diction to the explanation on understanding how the human brain work and respond the language and though either vocally or in written forms. Communication thus forms an important part of human existence.

Analysis of The Language of Oppression by Haig A. Bosmajian

Bosmajian argues on the importance of a name as the primary element of identity in human beings. In this though, The reading focuses on the dehumanization of people because of the effects of language and thoughts. The use of oppressive language intimidates and positions human being in their social status in the society. Language and name play important roles in inspiring a person or belittling them.

Analysis of The Cultural Importance of Art by Susanne K. Langer

Susanne Langer describes her beliefs in what she perceives of rat and its significance to culture. Art gives meaning and elements to connect with the author and the audience. Langer makes an epitome approach in understanding the evolution of human life through artistic culture. In her reading, she claims that art is the significant element that makes people move forward through time to overcome the hardships they are facing. Art is therefore responsible for triggering an emotional revolution in human life in the sense of intellect it touches.

Analysis of By Any Other Name by Santha Rama Rau

Santha Rama Rau describes the life of a young Indian girl trying to fit into the British school and beat the odds of racial discrimination. The protagonists change their Indian names to English names so that they can feel welcome in the new learning environment with minority Indian representation in the school. The first-day experience in school made the Santha and her sister realize many differences between them and their new peers in school. Throughout the story, Rau exposes the cultural differences that contribute to racial discrimination between the student and the teachers in the learning institution. The story brings strong elements of cultural identity and preservation to understand human characteristics and identity.

Analysis of The Two Faces of Language by Robin Lakoff

According to Lakoff language can be powerful or weak based on the perspective of the people using it. The literal representation of speck or communication can take the form of the people using it or receiving it to interpret it in their own perspective. Different people will think of the strength emanating from their ability to communicate and use language over other people to rule their territories. Language is one important element that makes or break a man.

Analysis of Everybody is a Politician by Robin Lakoff

Lakoff in her reading "Everybody is a Politician" makes the contemporary connection between language, gender, and power. Political representation of masses does not only mean holding public office but also individual advocacy of self. When an individual fight for their rights and position in the society they are able to bring out the politician in them. The direct and indirect struggle for one's position in the society requires effective communication skills and representation in gender orientation campaigns making everybody the chief defender of their own authority and power.

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