Essay Sample - Overview of Positive Strengths

Published: 2023-02-27
Essay Sample - Overview of  Positive Strengths
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Positive strengths can be defined as critical traits in individuals that form the anchor of their lives. They are, therefore, motivating factors in owns behavior and conduct, both with self and others. Positive strengths yield significant benefits for individuals (Snyder & Lopez, 2001). Such benefits include elevated vitality as well as motivation in life, and a greater sense of direction. These traits also give individuals a higher probability of goal attainment, increased self-confidence, and productivity. There are many real strengths, and different individuals are differently endowed with these traits. Positive advantages closely related but can also be quite distinct (Positive Psychology, 2019). For instance, an individual could have excellent interpersonal attributes, but they are timid and thus lacking even the basic courage. Therefore, just because an individual exhibits a single positive strength, it should not be seen as a guarantee that they have other definite advantages.

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Love is a positive strength. It is genuine, reciprocal warmth towards other people. Loving people are easy to relate with as they come out as affectionate and accommodate others. Such individuals could, however, be susceptible and emotional and thus easily distracted by other people's actions (Carr, 2013). Perseverance is one of the most praised positive strength. It entails the ability of an individual to keep going and pushing themselves beyond the limits (Snyder & Lopez, 2001). It, therefore, enables the individuals to push for a particular goal even when they encounter obstacles. Courage goes hand in hand with this strength. This is because an individual needs to have the ability to keep themselves motivation also as they push towards their set goals (Linley & Joseph, 2012). An extremity of perseverance could, however, be regarded as a lack of judgment. Judgment is the ability to think rationally and critically. An individual pushing for a specific goal may not be able to judge and weigh situations reasonably.

Positive strengths are, therefore, not a reflection of universal values. This is because such strengths greatly vary from one individual to another. Additionally, individuals may have one of the strengths and lack the others (Lopez & Snyder, 2011). Despite been the core basis of positive psychology, such strengths, therefore, cannot be regarded as a universal measure of values. It is also important to note that aspects such as culture and religion play a key role in shaping an individual's positive strengths (Positive Psychology, 2019). This makes it harder to make them a yardstick of values as such aspects greatly vary from one part of the globe to another.

Psychological flow

Psychological flow is the positive mental state which enables an individual to stay focused., They can, therefore, be wholly immersed, focused, and involved in a particular task they are engaged at a certain point in time. When having a cerebral flow, an individual also derives an excellent enjoyment as well as a fulfillment (Linley & Joseph, 2012). If such a task, for instance, serving others flow, will enable that person to deliver the best services to the people they are rendering the service to. Flow also involves the ability to contain the mind to ensure that it doesn't wander on other thoughts (Carr, 2013). Psychological flow enables individuals to disconnect from the outside world and live the moment they are just in. It is, therefore, the holistic sensation that people feel when they act with total involvement.

Flow always has a tremendous impact on individuals. People with positive flow are often more productive and happier. This is because they can focus on tasks and hence yield optimal results fully. The ability to focus on a particular activity also enables individuals to keen on details and thus to avoid the basic mistakes that come with partial concentration (Lopez & Snyder, 2011). People with a psychological flow are often filled with positive energy and zeal in life. Such power is easily transmitted to the people they interact with hence creating an environment of harmonious co-existence. Flow, therefore, not only impacts on the person experiencing it but also on the people around that person.

I often experience the fleeting feeling of flow. The feeling usually occurs in the morning hours when I am more relaxed and energized. I find myself been more organized and giving total concentration on one task at a time. This is opposed to evening hours when I am lesser organized, more random, and struggling to keep focused. I have observed this trait for some time. Therefore I plan my day in such a way that I perform the most critical tasks in the morning hours. As the day progresses and my flow reduces, I carry out the lesser involving tasks. When I am experiencing the flow feeling am also able to connect with everyone around me. In such moments my memory is very stable, and I can recall the tiniest details about people. Recently I had a scholarship written test at 4 pm; this was not the best hours for such a crucial activity. I struggled to keep answering the question as my mind wondered allover about upcoming tests and even weekend class day out. Despite having been only 20 minutes interview at the end of it, I felt exhausted, worn out, and stressed up. Lack of flow, therefore, not only distracts my concentration in a particular activity but also gives me a feeling of inferiority complex.

Personal Values in Action results analysis

My top strengths include valor, kindness, and humor. I am brave, and thus I don't easily coil on small threats. Additionally, I don't shy off from day to day difficult, whereas my fearlessness is mostly evident in the face of physical threats. I am so staunch in the face of emotional threats such as pain and depressing situations. I, therefore, have robust intellectual and emotional strength. In such fearful and dangerous situations, I have a great urge not to flee but rather remain standing and fight right back. I prefer fighting circumstances rather than fleeing from them. It gives a great sense of self-esteem as well as self-worth. Additionally, I prefer remaining strong and facing various challenges on my own. I would, therefore, prefer to fight first before calling out for help from other people.

Valor enables me not only to conquer fear but also to face circumstances despite the underlying dangers. I am a very kind person, and therefore I strive to be very generous to others. Sometime I would be swamped and coping with a lot of pressure from different dimensions of life. I find a lot of gratification in serving other people and seeing them happy. I spend my summer breaks in volunteering to work in orphanages. I also enjoy being kind to strangers, especially those who seem to be helpless. I often find myself often asking people, "you seem lost, Can I be of help" in malls and roadsides. I am never too busy to do a favor to other people. Lastly, I am a humorous individual. Therefore I enjoy being happy. Good laughter brings me a lot of gratification and also to the people around me. I tend to look at life from the positive side of life, and therefore even in sad moments, I will look out for humor and an opportunity to smile. This is one of my greatest assets. It has helped me face a lot of life challenging situations joyfully. Humor reduces tension and thus gives me the ability to think rationally and straight. My values in Action results are a true reflection, which I really, and therefore, I did not find the results surprising.


I would say my top strengths are my greatest assets. I view them as high-value assets that help me to be at peace with myself, with where I am and where I am headed. These strengths keep me going as they mostly drive positivity and motivation in me while carrying out my day to day activities. Through my strengths also harmoniously co-exist with other people. Whether in a family setting, school, or work, I can relate with other people empathetically. My strengths also have shaped my personality. People who have interacted with me for a long time describe me as well rounded persona with a great zeal for life and driven by positive energy. My career aspiration is to be a humanitarian practitioner. Thus I think these strengths will go a long way in helping me relate and serve humanity and better and more efficient ways.


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