Free Paper with Articles Reviews to Al-Powered Checkout and Cashier-less Stores

Published: 2022-07-19
Free Paper with Articles Reviews to Al-Powered Checkout and Cashier-less Stores
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First Response - Al-Powered Checkout: Enabling autonomous checkout for brick & mortar retailers with our AI-powered computer vision platform

The Al-powered checkout process that enables autonomous checkout utilizes overhead cameras to identify who one is, what they are doing, where they are, what products they are purchasing and the time the products leave the store (Captain, 2017). The overhead cameras scan for all this information during one's time in the store. This level of technology is formulated to learn body movement, clothing, hair color and the walking styles of purchasers in the store. First, a person needs to be registered on the store's app to personal and credit card information. This way, their card will be charged once the system identifies who they are and what products they have picked.

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As soon as one walks into the store, the cameras track their body movements, what they do, and the kind of items which they touch to mention but a few. This is to tell them apart from other customers through their unique features. The cameras then scan the products one picks and identifies them. The cameras have thousands of pictures of all the products in different angles, lighting, and positions to recognize them. Finally, the information is uploaded onto the computer servers, and one's credit card is charged. After the credit card has been charged, the customers' details are kept private and confidential. It is through the credit card that some of the personal details will be availed.

I agree that this technology empowers shoppers without raising concerns. This is because the overhead cameras are not designed to scan facial recognition. Thus, the personal identity of the person is not exposed (Standard Cognition, 2018). It only scans behavioral data unique to a person to tell the customers apart. Therefore, a person can shop freely without having to worry about security.

Second Response - Stealing From a Cashier-less Store

I believe the new cashier-less technology could revolutionize the checkout process in retail stores (Bowles, 2018). More often than not, many retail stores have long lines, and at times the cashiers are slow causing one to wait even longer. We live in a world where we want to do things quickly, easily and conveniently because we have many responsibilities and are busy all the time. Therefore, no one has the time to stand in line and wait, e.g., an overworked, tired cashier to check you out. Cashier less technology will save one a lot of time and spare one all the inconveniences associated with cashiers. However, I do not think it will slow down online buying. Both cashier less technology and online buying serve the same purpose which is to purchase goods conveniently, effortlessly, and quickly. I believe there is space for both in the marketing industry and they can thrive because the demand for goods and services is broad. Consumers will choose which they prefer or which they can easily accomplish.

Third Response

Blue Nile: this is an exceptional example of an online retail store that allows consumers to shop for jewelry in the comfort of their homes. They provide all the information about the goods on their site, and the checkout process is quick and effective. A consumer thus browses through the available goods, adds to their cart and checkouts. Link to site this is an exceptional online platform that allows people to connect through the sharing of hobbies, tips, pictures, fashion, decor, and DIYs. Pinterest allows people to share ideas and looks and thus inspire one another. Link to site[]=home%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=decor%7Ctyped


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