Free Paper Sample on Social Justice Teachings

Published: 2023-11-24
Free Paper Sample on Social Justice Teachings
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Subsidiarity will be incorporated in each course in the Counselor Education program is a sense of society. Students will be taught how to respect different perspectives within normed views. This process will be achieved through case study scenarios where students are exposed to different situations not otherwise experienced. Dignity and rights of children of the University of St. Thomas counseling program students in correspondence with the grade school students in which they work will receive confidentiality, respect, and perfect supervision. People have a right to access education, a fundamental element incorporated in the Counselor Education program. Based on the courses taught in school, equality is highly emphasized, but it is not restricted to Cultural Foundations and Multicultural Populations.

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General Description of Course

COUN 5367 Appraisal Techniques is not based on the study of principles, concepts, and procedures of systematic appraisal and evaluation of an individual's behavior, aptitude, interests, and personal characteristics. The rational focus of this course is to analyze the principles of test administration and the ability to evaluate test scores (Lewis-Darden, 2013). This course will help students in understanding the computer-assisted administration of assessment instruments. Students will be required to grasp concepts based on test bias and the ethics of selecting effective assessment instruments. Also, they will be required to understand the ethical and legal concepts based on the application of evaluative instruments for learners whose first language is not English.

Special Competencies

Students will be required to understand the principles of testing and measurement and identify the characteristics of a quality measurement instrument. Also, there is a need to understand the assessment of instruments of achievement and personality and the purpose and effective use of each instrument. Additionally, students should be conversant with the legal and ethical application of assessment instruments. Students must understand the merits and demerits of various types of tests, items, formats, and scoring systems. Also, they should be able to analyze the design of educational and psychological tests and chose practical educational and psychological tests (Ng'ambi, 2011). Based on the assumptions stipulated by the professional school of counselors, students will work tirelessly in: understanding the principles of testing and measurement and evaluate the traits of quality measurement of the instrument. Also, they will understand the impact of gender, culture, language, and history of oppression on the effective use and assessment of measurement instruments.

Course Requirements

Assignments issued to students should be completed and submitted on time. Also, there will be a penalty for any assignment delivered late by students. For instance, students will be deducted five points for failing to submit assignments on time. Tutors will cancel assignments with plagiarism cases.


After analyzing the results of your survey built and administered in the discussion thread, there is a need to develop a campus service plan of activities to outline the requirements of the topic you evaluated. This will be achieved by using different case studies to support your recommendations. The report should take more than two to three pages in length. This approach will help the reader to outline the process used in collecting and gathering information in his report.


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