Free Paper Sample on Organizational Culture

Published: 2023-11-29
Free Paper Sample on Organizational Culture
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An organization's culture affects how it influences results in implementing something new from top to bottom. The implementation of the EBP model will require a readiness assessment of the organization. The tool to be used is the Denison Culture Survey tool. This research method provides an efficient assessment of an organization's culture. It asses the essential characteristics of an organization, namely consistency, mission, adaptability, and involvement. These practices are essential in identifying the necessary changes in culture that need to be made to implement something new.

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Organization’s Readiness Level

To determine the organizational readiness for integrating evidence to practice at a breast cancer screening center, a study was designed to compare the use of telehealth visits compared to the usual reminder letter in addressing the number of African American women who did not receive mammography. Recognition of the various barriers to the implementation and integration of the changes in practice. Recognition of barriers and emphasis on facilitators will be key to the pushing of the EBP forward.

Barriers of EBP

The project barriers that may be faced involve the organization's characteristics, the individual nurse, the healthcare environment, and the research information's nature. The individual nurse may possess a personal barrier, like the lack of skills to look for information from relevant sources. They may resort to seeking information from their colleague. An organizational barrier is the availability of resources to fund the implementation of the new model. Besides, changing the organizational culture to fit the model requires aligning with the political agenda and the organization's philosophy.

Facilitators of EBP

Some of the facilitators involve the availability of a project lead person to ensure that they spearhead the project to its success. The person should possess a level of hierarchy to ensure they have credibility amongst the other medical staff. Managers are also important facilitators in implementing and adopting the EBP by providing support and necessary resources for the work.


The stakeholder in the organization needs to be considered in the planning of the organizational changes. The use of Roger's diffusion of innovation theory will be relevant in ensuring the organization's acceptance of the model. The theory suggests that for a new idea to be accepted, it needs to impact the process it is replacing positively. The use of telehealth has much more positive results, and hence it is essential.


The barriers to the implementation of an EBP model can occur at both the organizational and individual levels. An organization's culture will determine the absorption of a new practice. Hence, it is important to review it before the implementation. The challenges faced in collecting data during the culture assessment should be reviewed and acted upon to ensure a proper execution upon identifying an organization's readiness to implement change.


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