Free Paper Sample on Communication Techniques Used to Improve Employee Trust and Engagement

Published: 2023-12-20
Free Paper Sample on Communication Techniques Used to Improve Employee Trust and Engagement
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Communication is the method of passing information from one person to another. Communication has proved to be a primary function in the management of any organization with over 90% of personnel officials at 500 US businesses confirming that significant communication results in an organization's success in the 21ST century (“Poppulo,” 2018). Managers in an organization participate in several engagements throughout the workday, make decisions, collect and convey information, and promote unity among the employees. All these activities can only be done through communication, and thus they need to make use of a variety of media and strategies to communicate effectively. Whether the reason is to update employees on new policies or listen to employee demands and attitudes, effective communication techniques ought to be utilized to achieve the overall goal of the organization. It is worth noting that employee communication can either develop or break a business as supported by the research by SIS International research that companies with nearly 100 employees are in a position to lose more than 525,000 dollars annually due to poor manager-employee communication (Wickham, 2018). This paper will compare on-site meetings and workshop techniques as tools that can be used to improve employee trust and engagement.

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Why Communication is Essential in an Organization

Communication is crucial in any organization since it helps the companies to be productive and have effective operations. It is through communication that employees get to give their feedback and channel their ideas to the top management while indirectly participating in decision-making (Gleeson, 2017). This can be done through either on-site meetings or surveys. This increased employee engagement and higher levels of creativity eventually resulted in the company's success.

It is through communication that greater levels of trust and commitment are enhanced between the managers and the employees. When managers strive to give evocative feedback to their employees, trust is quickly built (Skidmore-Williams, 2013). Trust and commitment are key to achieving the goals of the company since there are better workplace relationships, less company unrest, and excellent employee satisfaction.

Ways Effective Communication Improves Employee Trust and Engagement

Organizations wholly rely on their employee energy and engagement to survive in the 21st century, and most of the companies that dominate the market are due to the 100 percent employee engagement (Gleeson, 2017). To improve employee trust and engagement, on-site meetings and workshops by the organization play a significant role.

On-Site Meetings Versus Workshops

On-site meetings are held on the company's premises as scheduled by the company. These meetings are very instrumental since they give the employees the chance to interact with the managers and create cordial relationships between the managers and employees. On the other hand, the Workshop technique is used in an organization for any situation that requires something more than just a meeting or round table discussion and probably an educational seminar to exchange information and brainstorm (Skidmore-Williams, 2013). On-site conferences and workshops are conducted in an organization in different situations and for slightly different reasons. On-site meetings are conducted in situations where the management aims to have an exchange of information and review the daily, weekly, or so operations. On the contrary, workshops are conducted in cases where a building method is required to solve problems, come up with a plan, and reach a decision (Skidmore-Williams, 2013). Further, workshops are conducted where the organization needs to enhance the employees with skills and knowledge.

Both meetings and workshops enhance employee trust and engagement since the employee gets the chance to give ideas, especially where new ideas are needed. In this case, employees feel good when managers listen to them and appreciate their ideas (Skidmore-Williams, 2013). Both employees and managers get a chance to be part of the active discussion of debating and making informed decisions for the success of the company. This creates trust and engagement, especially where the employees' ideas are considered and most importantly, when they are listened to by the managers. Additionally, on-site meetings and workshops enhance effective communication between employees and managers. It is achieved through frequent engagements that boost confidence while also employees get trained on effective communication during the workshops. Both managers and employees had the opportunity to be personal and communicate on more profound levels, which establishes a sense of trust. As a result, employees gain more confidence to participate and reasons to build with the managers.

Workshops tend to create a culture in which effective communication is a natural part of the work process and how the managers and employees work together (Skidmore-Williams, 2013). It is achieved through training and ensuring significantly the managers improve their communication skills and pass the same to the employees. Meetings, on the other hand, ensure frequent interactions between employees and their managers. As a result, it drives away the fear of bosses, and I return to build relationships that eventually lead to trust between the employee and their managers. Through meetings, managers give regular feedback on how they are applying their communication skills and what they are doing to improve communication skills in their teams (Skidmore-Williams, 2013). It keeps the managers on their toes to ensure they practice good communication skills together with their juniors which, as a result, promotes employee engagement and trust with the managers.


To achieve an organization's overall goal, employee trust and engagement a significant factors that ought to be performed. It can only be achieved if effective communication skills are part of the work process. On-site meetings and workshops have proved to be useful tools of communication that promote employee trust and engagement in an organization.


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