Free Paper on Professional Social Work Practice

Published: 2022-07-12
Free Paper on Professional Social Work Practice
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Needs and Goals for Paul Martin

Before discussion on the requirements for a client suffering from osteoporosis, it is essential for people to notes that not all the people with the condition have emotional or social problems. Furthermore, the quality of life issues varies from one person to the other. First of all, Paul needs to carry out more physical exercises to help strengthen the bones. Paul needs to be improved in seeking and selecting people to have friendships with individuals who are supportive (Hasan and WFSBP, 2015). It must be understood that having strong and positive associations helps in keeping the person healthy. Paul needs to be motivated to visualize it in strengthening his spine and bones in his bone.

Needs and Goals for Jonathan Coleman

Coleman needs to be given emotional support as this will help him to avoid the depressive moments that are adversely affecting his life. Coleman also needs to be improved on how to make strong positive associations with people who will assist him on how best he can face his condition and lead a regular life (Greene, 2017).

Needs and Goals for Phyllis Johnson

Phyllis needs to be advised to join a peer counseling program in which expertly trained peers are available to offer support and data concerning the issues facing people who have sclerosis.

2. USE OF KNOWLEDGE - Provide an example illustrating the method of theory, research, HBSE, Hispanic content, human rights.

Example one: Using the social systems theory, a social worker must consider personal issues, families, group, and other social structures in an attempt to find the cause of the problem.

Example Two: In the family systems theory, Coleman was evaluated in the presence of his wife, Susan.

Example Three: The family of Phyllis was evaluated to help in determining the presence of emotional dysfunction or other issues.

Example Four: The client's family environment profoundly affected individual actions such as the way it changed associations with other people in the society.

3. USE OF SOCIAL WORK SKILLS - Generalist or advanced, micro/mezzo/macro, including culturally competent service delivery and practice with Hispanic clients

The Hispanic clients will be encouraged to maintain good relations with their families as it part of their beliefs.

The Hispanic clients will be invited to seek professional medical help on their conditions even though they are receiving folk medication.

For the immigrant Hispanic patients, they will be taught on how best they can adapt to the American culture in the world today.

The social workers must also keen to study and apply the right social strategy to the people while serving them.

4. USE OF SOCIAL WORK VALUES - Issues related to professional identity, ethics, etc.

The social worker must provide social and emotional support for the oppressed individuals in the community.

Social workers use their skills and knowledge to help their clients through social severe problems, such as drug dependency, child abuse, residential instability and criminal behaviors (Hepworth and Strom-Gottfried, 2016).

The social worker must help the client resolve his or her issues with the community in a highly respectable manner.

Social workers must uphold higher levels of integrity in the way they are delivering service to the consumers (Congress, 2017).


I need to improve on how honest and responsible I conduct myself in the public as this will motivate the fellow workers and support their firms to maintain high levels of integrity.

I need to learn how best I can maintain stable relationships with people who are very hostile.

Social workers must be patient and try to reason with the clients in the community.

I need to improve on how I study the various culture communicate which will help me to avoid messing up the interviews in the nation (Greene, 2017).


I need to study the way the clients are adapting to the interventions that we are having in the nation.

I will try to maintain the positive association with clients even when they are very hostile.

I will try to learn the communication strategies of the clients.

I need to embrace professional integrity in the workplace.


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