Free Paper Example on Genesis

Published: 2024-01-01
Free Paper Example on Genesis
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According to Christian beliefs, God is the creator of the universe. More so, there are two stories about how God created the universe, and they are referred to as Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Genesis 1 account describes the seven days of creation, and it starts by stating that God, in the beginning, created heaven and earth. At this time, the earth was empty and formless, and it had darkness all over. God then said, let there be light, and there was light (ESV Genesis 1:1-3). Therefore, Genesis 1 describes the seven days of creation with light being created on the first day, and God resting on the last day. Genesis 2, on the other hand, provides information about the creation of humans, who include Adam and Eve. Adam was created from dust, and God gave him the breath of life, while Eve was created out of Adam’s ribs to offer him company. The two were given the task and responsibility to look after the Garden of Eden.

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General and Specific Revelation

Specific and general revelations refer to two ways in which God has chosen to reveal himself to humanity. The special revelations refer to the specific truths that can be known about God through the supernatural. In contrast, the General revelation refers to the general truths that God can know through nature (Morrison, N.D). More so, special revelations refer to how God reveals himself through miraculous means, and it involves physical appearances of God, visions, dreams, and written words of God. The bible records about God appearing in different physical forms.

The Three Christian Approaches of Creation

The three Christian creation approaches include the old earth creationism, the young earth creationism, and the allegorical approaches. The old earth creation accepts the science mainstream on the age of the earth and the universe. On the other hand, the young earth creation promotes a literalistic biblical interpretation of genesis and a six-day creation, which was carried out approximately 6000 years ago. Finally, the allegorical approaches involve all Christians who do not believe the genesis, and they are commonly referred to as theistic evolutionists.

Current Understanding

My current understanding of the origin of the universe is based on creationism. In other words, I believe God created the universe. Creationism states that God created all forms of life that are in existence up to date. Therefore, I am a firm believer in the biblical story of Genesis, especially on God creating earth and heaven, creating light, animals, seas, and plants, and everything currently present in our world. More so, God created man from dust and gave him the breath of life. Other aspects that make me believe God created the universe are that the universe and everything in it could not have come into existence were it not for a supreme being. Thus, I believe in the aspect of creationism, which is based on religious beliefs.

The intelligent design theory states that a supernatural designer was involved in creating life. Still, this design's argument is based on the evolutionary theory, which does not explain the development and origin of the earth. However, the evolution theory explains about the minor changes in species, which make me oppose the aspect of evolution. Further, on the age of the earth, simple computations based on the young earth creationism of the bible analogies, the age of the earth is estimated to 6,000-year-old (Davis, 2020). Scientific assertions further indicate the earth is 4.5-billion-year-old, but I believe the earth is old, and no one knows the exact age of the earth (Davis, 2020). Moreover, the Bible indicates God intended readers to interpret days of creation in ordinary 24 hours’ period, which means it is hard to estimate the earth's real age. Therefore, I cannot reconcile the message of science to that of the bible.


Everyone has a unique worldview. However, most people's view is based on what they believe about the origin of the universe. Those who believe in evolution will have a different worldview compared to those who believe in the bible. As a firm believer of God is the supreme being who created the earth and everything in it, I have to follow Christian ways. More into detail, I will have to affirm that God is the almighty lord of all existence. I will reject all forms of dualism and any principles opposed to Godly ways.

My view on the nature of God is that God is a purposeful God who creates in freedom. God is also caring, based on the preservation of everything that he created. This assertion implies God works out his ultimate purposes for humanity, making human life significant, meaningful, purposeful, and intelligent (Dockery, N.D). In all these, we see God’s goodness, greatness, and wisdom. God also created us in His likeness. According to ESV bible Genesis 1:27, God created man in his image; in the image of God, he made both men and females. This verse might mean that we look like God, but I feel that is not the case. Instead, because we are all created in God's image and likeness, then we possess the spirituality, personality, morality, and capability to relate to God and other humans.


Finally, on the responsibility to care for earth and humanity's nature, it is my expectation that humans have to follow everything that God ordered during his creation; that is, humans have to take care of God’s creation and procreate to fill the earth. More so, we as humans are expected to uphold virtues such as dignity and human value to live righteously. By following God’s commands, we will live a happy life.


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