Free Essay with the Questions on Grace-full Leadership

Published: 2022-06-07 18:44:17
Free Essay with the Questions on Grace-full Leadership
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What is the difference between a contractual relationship and a covenantal relationship?

In a contractual relationship, if one party that has entered into the agreement does something that violates the contract, the contract is considered broken. Basically, the parties in a deal agreed to obey the negotiations as long as the other parties follow the agreement. However, in a covenantal relationship, both parties hold up to the end of the agreement in spite of whether one party breaks the rules of the agreement. A violation of the laws by one party doesn't affect the covenant as long as the other party obeys what was agreed in the covenant. The contractual relationship involves promises while covenants are made through oathing.

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How is being a Grace-full leader reflective of how God relates to those who follow him?

God can use a person no matter the background from which a person comes from. God empowers the chosen ones to lead in any capacity inconsiderate of the skills they have. The grace of God makes leaders wonderful and exceptional in their work. When graceful leaders face challenges such as rejection and opposition that threaten their leadership, they turn to God for strength just like David did. The courage and perseverance displayed by grace-full leaders help show some of the traits exhibited by followers who follow the teachings of God. Through the leaders, people can learn of the true nature of God, and He works with His followers.

Why is it, when leaders fail at something they say "I am only human" but so many forget that their followers are human too?

Leaders give various reasons when they fail to achieve according to the expectations. When some leaders fail to meet the intended, they defend themselves by claiming they are humans too just like others. Most of the leaders who use the phrase base their defence from the scripture. According to the scripture, humans are not created perfect, they are full of imperfections, and it is only with the help of God that they can improve their shortcomings. Leaders are saying they are humans too is a way of expressing their frustrations for their limited abilities.

As a Grace-full leader, how might you demonstrate respect and courtesy toward others?

Showing respect and courtesy towards others is one way that can help in being happier and more successful in life. Respect and courtesy can be displayed in various ways. Listening is one easy way that can be used to show respect and courtesy to others. Been attentive to what one is saying and responding when necessary can help in showing that one appreciates others. Encouraging others is the other way that can be used to show respect and courtesy towards others. Not all plans go as expected and often when people fail to achieve as expected their spirit towards achieving a purpose tends to decline. Encouraging such people can have a significant effect on their feelings, and sometime later the person will remember the encouragement given that helped motivate them. The other way that can help in showing respect and courtesy to others is by congratulating them when they do a great job. Complimenting a person will play a significant role in motivating and making another person feel happy.

Can sincerity and positive regard for others be faked? Why or why not?

Sincerity and positive regard toward others are easily faked by people in the current society, people easily fake a smile or even a compliment. For one to be more successful in the modern society, one has to be more sincere and offer gratitude towards others. Often, people try to fake sincerity towards others to get things made. Differing reasons make people phony sincerity and appreciation towards others. Being sincere and showing gratitude helps one in easily connecting with others. Compliments make people feel good, and many people often enjoy being around people who make them feel good. People also fake sincerity and praises to appear more appealing towards others.

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