Unlocking Human Potential with Deep Learning & AI - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-26
Unlocking Human Potential with Deep Learning & AI - Essay Sample
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How can deep learning affect human Decision making? What is the impact of AI in Human Decision making? How can AI and deep learning help humans to solve meaningful problems better?

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Deep Learning:

In the field of Artificial Intelligence, it comes when the machines can initiate and drive a task to completion, just like how a human can do. It involves machine learning where the affected computer absorbs information, stores it through experience, and saves the skills without human intervention or support (Shrestha et al., 2019 p.67).

Machine Learning:

Machine learning is embedded in Artificial Intelligence that ensures the systems can automatically learn and improve from the different experiences without having to be explicitly designed (Shrestha et al., 2019 p.72). Machine learning’s objective is always to have an ideal computer program development that can access data and manipulate it and even learn from it and for themselves.

Neuron Networks:

When there is a mention of neural networks in technology, it is clearly understood that it is a sequence of procedures that takes place to establish the relationships in a set of data in a way that impersonates how a human brain processes information.

Big Data:

As the name states Data is the information while Big is the mass. Therefore, Big Data refers to the diverse set of information that advances steadily. Big Data encompasses the amounts of info the speed at which thDatata is produced and collected and the numbers of data points that get covered.


Bias is the condition at which justice is not served, and there is a point of inclination to draw a specific conclusion. The unfortunate truth is that AI systems are as good as the data input. Corrupt data can create no good, and there are chances of having racial, gender, or biases on Ideas.

Decision Making:

Decision-making processes have become a very integral part of every aspect of life. One mistake to decision making would translate to massive losses, and that calls for a series of analyses and sobriety in making the ideal decision. Artificial Intelligence is significantly impacting this area, extending and enriching the users (Iliadis et al., 2018). Through a series of events such as coordinating data delivery, scrutinizing data tendencies, providing predictions, creating data steadiness, enumerating indecision, and presuming the needeDatata by the users forms the ideal forms and suggests the perfect decisions.


Artificial Intelligence cannot be up and running without a set of rules. The collection of rules served to the AI program, neural network, or equivalent machines to enable it to learn by itself are the algorithms. Well, designed commands are the core supports of artificiaIntelligencece that are undoubtedly smart (Iliadis et al., 2018).


Intelligence is the ability to relate to everyday activities and come up with solutions that best fit the event. HumaIntelligencece is used to design a machine that can do most if not all activities and execute tasks from the easiest to the complex ones. The prime objective of intelligence is learning, cognitive, and discernment.

Proposal Overview

Rising examination in the use of AI to choice help is engaged in three regions keen versatile frameworks that can alter themselves to take care of a mind-boggling issue or the inclinations of an individual user; interfaces, for example, online people that can expand the viable communication among people and machines such issues will, in general, be mind-boggling, loose, uproarious, dynamic and questionable (Fridman, 2018). Adjustment is basic to taking care of such issues by using the best AI strategy or a mix of strategies for space.

One approach to define shrewd versatile frameworks using clever strategies is to isolate the issues into three progressively testing levels: adaption to an evolving domain; adaption to a comparative setting without direct porting to it; and, adjustment to another or obscure circumstance (Fridman, 2018). Changing conditions are portrayed by the speed of progress or time for the choice and the measure of information accessible; for instance, constant choice help is required for financial choices, for example, the securities exchange dependent on algorithmic exchanging. A comparable setting is a capacity, to sum up from past cases; for instance, recognizing conceivable false action on a Mastercard dependent on the previous history and illuminate the client right away (Fridman, 2018). The most difficult issues are totally new or obscure circumstances. People utilize an assortment of approaches for such issues, including setting, past experience, and the counsel of specialists. Frameworks are rising for functional applications in specific areas yet presently can't seem to be summed up for classes of issues.

As the measure of information has detonated over appropriated frameworks and databases connected by the web, new terms have been made to portray the size and extent of the issues that can be tended to (Fridman, 2018). LargDatata is an ongoing term in the specialist writing used to portray the exponential development in volume, accessibility and utilization of data. One definition of biodata is huge, differing, mind-boggling, longitudinal, or potentially circulated informational collections created from instruments, sensors, Internet exchanges, email, video, click streams, as well as all other advanced sources accessible today and later on. Research gives that emerge from big data incorporate how to break down the enormous volume of information; how to use the assortment of data as a reason for making Intelligent Decision Support Systems plus creation; and, how to store and procedure information showing up at high speed for upgraded dynamic (Fridman, 2018). Attention comes in that "complex examination applied to big data a considerably improve dynamics by, gathering progressively exact execution data, giving a point by point data on basic supporters of execution, directing controlled tests for the board choices, anticipating and nowcasting to alter business switches, portion clients barely to tailor items or administrations all the more accurately, and utilizing installed sensors in items for imaginative administrations, for example, proactive upkeep.

Future research in wise choice innovations presents energizing chances and difficulties. Open doors for improved dynamic are significant, especially in complex issues that are past human abilities to see connections between factors, are dynamic in nature, epitomize uncommon occasions that are difficult to see, or require immense measures of information to reveal the basic structure of the issue (Fridman, 2018). The test for expansive relevance of IDSS is to structure frameworks that have an unmistakable rate of profitability, can viably collaborate with people, can increase human trust in the framework, and can take care of significant applied issues. Such frameworks can prompt another rush of advancement and immeasurably improved human dynamic.

Ethical Issues

From the Latin and the Greek dialogues, the great philosophers understand that Ethics and morals had the same meaning from the beginning (Kant, and Gregor, 2016). Ethics is usually used to connect to psychological processes of ethics, and more so, in decision making. Still, the term moral comes from the normative aspects or regarding the importance of any decision. There is a significant difference in content and the process and, thus, subtle while making decisions (Whittlestone et al., 2019). In other sense, morals, as well as ethics, are reliable on the concrete decisions or the actual action. To distinguish and even term an act either ethical or unethical and moral or immoral, the judgment is reliant on its normative qualities. The ideal focus on values and the normative facets based on the rational description of morals (Kant, and Gregor, 2016).

Although common sense has not established human attachment to the norms is so strong, making it almost impossible for the affiliates to accept that morals and ethics are an issue of option and choice (Whittlestone et al., 2019). If at any given point, there is no choice or the capacity to make a decision, there is no point in ethics. As always, the ideas on making the right decision, philosophy and psychology address the importance of converging on the progression of moral choices compared to the normative content of decisions made (Kant, and Gregor, 2016).

The ethical issues on artificial Intelligence doe not come from the activities carried out but went even beyond the data accumulation and where the attention is pulled (Iliadis et al., 2018). AI includes the use of information to direct and incline the behaviour of a person either virtually or even to their daily activities, which diminishes clear independent choices. Manipulation of expression and cyberbullying indeed traces its roots in ancient times, but with the inclusion of AI systems, the manipulation is heightened. Target groups are the people who are more interactive with data systems, and their in-depth knowledge about people creates an avenue to manipulation and deception. With sufficient data, algorithms can lead to the links of a person or a small group of people with the ideal information that will influence the particular target person (Whittlestone et al., 2019).

Deception and manipulation can be associated with advertisers, marketers, and some online vendors (Whittlestone et al., 2019). This individual will use any legal loophole at their disposal, inclusive of exploitation of behaviour, biases, deception, and addiction generation primarily via dark prompts in the websites and games. Such manipulations in business aspects are rampant in the gambling and gaming industries. Still, the unfortunate is that it is spreading like bushfire to logistic firms currently experienced in low-cost airlines. Administrative forces have come along to the aid of people, especially in the Gambling industry. Still, there is no regulation in the online platforms hence leaving the addicts into it altogether. Cyberbullying has now turned to the virtual world's core business model, more so on the internet.

Political propaganda has now changed the playing ground and has migrated to the prime location of social media. The social sites' influences are powerful in that it can steer a specific mindset and thus translate to the desires of the political aspirants, especially if it is a success. This process would somewhat harm the autonomy of a person. Improved Artificial Intelligence has turned the initially reliable evidence to unreliable. Digital photos, sound records, and videos can be a testimony to AI (Iliadis et al., 2018). Sooner than later, it will be straightforward to come up with texts, photos, and video materials with any manipulated content as per the desires of the editor. There are prospects that soon there will be sophisticated real-time interactions with person to person over communication channels. Therefore, we cannot afford to put all our trust in digital interactions while we are paralleled in dire desire of the same interactions.

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