Free Essay Sample with a Discussion on the Worldview

Published: 2022-06-16
Free Essay Sample with a Discussion on the Worldview
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A worldview is a comprehensive framework that includes personal belief, opinion, or knowledge of a group of individuals or a person about the world, life, and us. The worldview is mainly obtained through a person's emotions, attitude, or experiences. Examples of worldviews include, what is the purpose of our life?

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Questions on origin

According to the bible, there was a period when the world did not exist, and only God was in existence. Isaiah 45:12 states that God created the earth with his own hands and his own hands that stretched out the heavens. Therefore, God is seen to be the creator of the whole universe and its entire host (Smith, 2015). How humanity came into existence is explained in Genesis 1:1 that indicates that God created man human being in his image therefore without the all-powerful hands of God human beings would not be in existence.

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Questions on identity

The meaning of being human is well explained in the Bible, whereby we are all created in the image and likeness of God. In Genesis 1:27, humans are created in the image of the creator and are they are the only beings created by God's hands. Therefore, being human means that you are unique since everyone is created by Gods hands and in his likeness (Taylor, 2009). God created humans above all the animals but not above the angels. Therefore, God is above us all. According to Genesis 17:1 God is referred to as the Almighty God, He created us all to be his subjects. Therefore, man is not superior to other animals considering that we are all equal in the eyes of God.

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The purpose of humanity.

The purpose of humanity is one of the key questions mainly asked by people at some pointing their lifetime. Culture and civilisation have been brought a bought by the peoples answer to this question in reference the bible. The aim of humankind is to know God and worship him to his infinite glory (Smith, 2015). This is supported in John 17: 3 and Colossians 10; 13 that states, those humans should be focused in knowing and praising the only true God who created them and rescued us from the dominion of darkness.

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The question of mortality

What is meant by right or wrong? Right is the term that tends to increase individual happiness while wrong tends to increase a person's misery (Smith, 2015). This is supported in the John 3:19-21 that states that not everyone who does the wrong likes to be known and therefore their actions should be exposed. However, whoever does right thing becomes known so that it may be clear that his work was carried as per gods commands. The biblical determination of mortality is that God created laws that everyone should follow, in case we violate this law we sin. According to Deuteronomy 9 and 1st John 3, sin is considered the rebellion and disobedience of the laws created by God and violation of these laws condemn us to hell.

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The question of destiny.

In revelation chapter, 20 and 21 indicates that there are two destinies of a person after death. This includes, first eternal damnation to hell, this happens due to the sinful state of a person. This occurs due to the violation of various laws established by the God leading to sin. Secondly, after death one may be destined eternal praise with God. Those who follow the right path of God and abide by his laws attain this destination. Christ has dedicated himself to atonement for everyone's sins. Therefore, the acceptance and belief of Christ's gift to humankind help in securing an eternal home in heaven.

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How biblical worldview influence the way you think about and speak to others on a daily basis.

Most of the religions have created systems of reward and treating other people with respect, love and in a professional way. In Mathew 22:37, the Bible commands Christians to love their God with all their heart and love their others (Scott, 2010). The Christians are mandated to talk to others and speak of them in a way that pleases the lord that is in a respectful loving and a professional manner. One should avoid talking ill of others for example by talking rude and showing minimal respect. Degrading a person tends to be an insult in the eyes of God and a violation of the commandments of God of loving one another. Christ taught this virtue of love and respect throughout his ministry to the fellow Christians.

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How biblical worldview influences the way you decide on a person's future career.

Biblical worldview to the question is that our main goal is to know God and glorify him. When this is attained, all aspects of people's lives are aimed at helping us in understanding and glorifying God. My choice of career is to major in criminal psychology with the possibility of a career outside my present one. I will conduct my career as a channel to know Christ but not as a way of a hindrance to him. According to Colossians 3:17 whatever one does should be done in the name of the lord and one should always remember to give thanks to the lord the father through him.

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