Free Essay Sample on Vietnamese Americans

Published: 2022-03-11
Free Essay Sample on Vietnamese Americans
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The significant changes in Vietnamese culture have been influenced by the borrowed elements from the American culture. For instance, the Vietnamese Americans have borrowed parenting elements where there is no longer a greater significance in the parental status and authority in children. Children are being left and guided through reasoning rather than punishments as it was in the past. Secondly, women are becoming more independent people working outside the homes and being seen as equal to their husbands just like the American culture. Thirdly, divorce in marriages is becoming a common thing in Vietnamese American families just like in the American culture. In the past, although divorce was legal, it was not as common as it is today. Also, children just like the women are becoming more independent and being allowed to give an opinion on different matters. Lastly, the Vietnamese American culture now allows open and healthy interactions between unmarried boys and girls.

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Notably, these changes have helped increase the interactions between Americans and Vietnamese Americans. Currently, the United States has experienced significant growth in terms of social interactions, economic, and political growth. As a result, the people are able to grow socially by interacting with others from other cultures through an exchange of ideas and experience. Secondly, when communities work together, they are able to enhance trade thus significantly grow the economy. Lastly, allowing different people from different cultures to participate in Americans politics enables a healthy competition and improvement in the political system.


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