Free Essay: Importance of a College Education to Succeed in Today's Society

Published: 2019-09-03
Free Essay: Importance of a College Education to Succeed in Today's Society
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College education is one of the fundamental requirements in most job placements in the world. Therefore, it is considered one of the most significant achievements that an individual can have in any society with the contemporary demanding job market driven by tight competition. College degree is also perceived as a very essential component for majority of people to succeed in the contemporary society. Education commences from birth and continues without limit. With the fact that college education has the impact of dictating job attainment, one should therefore exercise an extra education standard by pursuing college education in order to play a better role in the society with the required skills.

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The success of any individual is often associated with the level of attainment of college education but other factors may also play a central role to this fulfillment. For instance, Bill Gates is one of the richest persons in the world and had pursued college education through his rich parents but failed to complete his course. However, after failure, he had parents to run to for assistance to commence a business. The majority of people already know the essence of going for college education as it is perceived to have an impact of opening new avenues and creates more opportunities (Shaun 33). On average, individuals with college education are credited with earning virtually 200 percent of the earning of individual with diploma in formal employment. However, one may question the authenticity of this proposition with regard to Bill Gates who never completed his college education. However, by virtue of being in pursuit of college studies, this is credited with having opened up many opportunities in life as well as opening up entrepreneurial thinking that could have culminated in his entrepreneurial mindset (Pascarella & Patrick et al. 22).

During high school careers, many students wonder on the importance of college education. More often, they may find themselves questioning the authenticity of college education. However, one apparent and clear reason one gets from this intrigue is that college education creates exposition that makes them access to widespread opportunities that are absent for individuals that have not had access to college education. For the majority of high school students, the ability to have immediate incomes after graduation is quite attractive ideal. While the cost of funding college education continues to rise, college education has continued to be an important factor for consideration in determining individual earnings in the contemporary settings with competitive global economy. College education makes an individual best fit to deliver as per the challenging economic environment. Major dynamics in the society have also been critical to the advancements of education across different levels. For instance, the U.S economy has been changing gradually from manufacturing-based sectors to a virtual knowledge-based economy. This makes one best fit with the highest level of college education. Consequently, the essence of college education becomes extremely important (Hargreaves 77). The contemporary education could be compared relatively to high school education standard in about four decades ago.

Students with post-secondary educational experiences also have opportunities to read widely and listen to lectures from top experts within their fields. Subsequently, this process enhances students to think logically, inquire and explore new ideas. This process allows additional growth and developments which provides college students with an edge within the job market over their counterparts without the regarded college education attainment. During the fateful encounter with the experts world while pursuing college education, individuals have an ultimate potential to think logically and develop new innovative methods of operations. In this regard, college education equips individual with sound skills that can be developed into noble ideals for use in other sectors of the economy beyond the scope of the individual course fields before and after graduation (Conley 57). As a result, Bill Gate would have probably succeeded even without the support of his parents. However, one of the possible differences in that instance is that without the support of the parents, his success might have taken longer due to supply of resources needed to conceptualize an idea.

During the college years, individuals also attain invaluable resources in the course of the students tenure. In particular, individuals develop new connections collected during college career hence, creating more alternatives essential in the job search process later in life. After terminating job search and commencing career development process, the essence of college education remains principal to individual work-related achievements since it forms the background for higher promotion opportunities. Besides, college education also benefits individuals beyond job search perspectives but also creates a challenging environment that presses individual to become innovative in their dealings in order to resolve some of the prevailing challenges in the course of study (Holland & Raquel et al. 44).

Most of the careers available are also defined by educational attainment. Individuals therefore pick careers on the basis of education achievement where college education becomes one of the central factors to consider when developing their career options. Before undertaking college education, many students from high school levels find themselves in a dilemma over their best fit life careers. As a result, college education tenure enables individuals to make some of the basic career options that are pivotal in shaping life long career path. In this regard, individual pursuing college education is also indebted to partake in different career options virtually through interactions with professionals in their career of interests. However, at times, individual gain knowledge about the career option they opted in during high school education but realizes some of the traits fashioned through such careers as undeniably unfit for their individual lives. This implies that during college education tenure, many students often make changes to their career option. This is also accommodated by most institutions through the procedures perpetrated through the concept of inter-faculty transfer provided as an option for students to shift from one career path to another depending on their interests and high school grades (Pascarella & Patrick et al. 83). The ability to define individual careers is very important in nurturing ones future attainments for individual students.

Another major element present for college education attainment is that it provides an avenue for gaining the best experiences in the dream professions. This form of experience may be virtual or practical in nature. By virtual mechanism, individuals are indebted to learn from their professors, colleagues and other professionals within the education attainment path. Besides, during college education, most students have an opportunity to take part in professional and career development through internship programs and attachments that offers important experiences in the industry that is pivotal in mainstreaming the career requirements and the college education attainments. In particular, such experiences helps students in aligning their studies with the career demands from the industry which is critical in enhancing theoretical understanding and the impact that can be created through efficient transfer of this knowledge to the job markets (Crisp & Amaury 24).

College education is also perceived as a transit to higher status element in the society. Parents also prefer college education for their young ones relative to trade schools as it is perceived to provide not only a direct ticket to formal employment or good incomes but also en entry to higher level of social status in the society. This aspect could be attributed to prestige purposes from the attainment of higher educational standards. Many parents supporting their children in pursuit of college education as opposed to high school education and trade schools educational level attainment are mostly interested in enhancing the prospects of achieving well-paying jobs as well as jobs that reflect social standing of college education (Holland & Raquel et al. 31). More often, students who have cleared college education are likely to attain high profile jobs in the society, above their high school counterparts hence, an aspect of enhanced social status and prestige.

During the course of college education attainments, individual gather the requisite knowledge in their dream profession which has the implication of opting to change profession or concentrate on their dream profession with more tangible facts to the future careers and possible placements. With sufficient knowledge about the future of given careers, individuals is highly motivated to achieve highly in their careers. Individuals also become more focused to future goals with the zeal to achieve immensely in their professions (Holland & Raquel et al.32). From this perspective, college education raises the bar of individual placement in the society and builds up their reputation as respectable parties in the society.

The values attached to college education particularly in racially defined society where discrimination against color is a major aspect such as in the U.S, college education is considered an important factor to raise the level of consideration on the significance of once contribution in the society. For instance, the African Americans and the Hispanic groups attach very high significance to higher education attainment. In this regard, the two groups consider college education as the most important aspect that defines the successes later in life. For instance, different surveys in the field have shown that about 65 percent of the Hispanic parents identifies with college education as the most essential factor determining success in life. College education is also considered the key to socio-economic mobility as well as possible mechanisms of overcoming society-based barriers associated with poverty and prejudice (Crisp & Amaury 14). The society is mainly set up in a way that recognizes the elite as the white populists while the minorities are considered inferior.

With college level of education attainment, this difference is often crossed with significant attachment to the abilities of individuals as opposed to their ethnic origins. This implies that any individual without college education attainment form the minority groups have virtually everything against them with elusive discriminations. During college education tenure, students also learn important life skills that are essential to dealing with critical problems. For instance, college graduates from minority groups are empowered to deal decisively with the issue of discrimination besides staging fights against rampant discrimination, an aspect that creates an avenue for societal emancipation for the minority groups. However, the quest for college education has been used in most instances as the foundation for discrimination. In particular, many jobs posting require college education degrees in their listing and advertisements but in essence, the jobs does not require any college degrees to manipulate (Holland & Raquel et al.27). For instance, in corporate America, there has been a long term perception associating every individual without a college degree to being an idiot. This is not a positive ideal in the sense that many individuals with huge potentials are left out in job placements that they could have otherwise performed better than their graduate counterparts....

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