Free Essay Sample on the Molloy Novel by Samuel Beckett

Published: 2022-04-20
Free Essay Sample on the Molloy Novel by Samuel Beckett
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Beckett in his novel Molloy depicts urgency through a number of ways by the use of a curious character known as Moran. Moran is used to begin the narration of the second part of the novel. The boss by the name Youdi sends a messenger by the name Gaber to him instructing that he has to leave all that he has planned for that day and instead go on a mission in search of Molloy who had disappeared in the first part of the story.

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This character acts like an agent that comes to an agreement with a messenger's commission which is basically Molloys thing. The urgency is depicted when he agrees to the mission after being told by Youdi who is the boss that "he needs it to be him" he has no otherwise than not to attend the church service being on a Sunday. He latter after doing all that is required of him goes to take the holy communion as he refers to himself as a principled man that have to do what he is intended to do irrespective of the situation holding him.

The boss also shows that there is an urgency when he orders that Moran has to leave for the mission immediately and should not be involved in any activity. He is ordered by his boss to skip church and begin the journey straight away.

Moran shows that there is urgency when he instructs his son to bring with him one album and he has to prepare for them to leave. And as the son makes an attempt to transfer the stamps into one, he rules out the issue of carrying the album altogether. He even goes further by to order his son to take care of himself because the son suddenly becomes unwell before the onset of the journey. He tells his son to measure his own temperature and ensure that the son must eat something irrespective of complaining of stomach pains. There is an urgency in beginning the journey so Moran will not leave anything to chance as this will also goes against his principles. He is so determined to leave thus must commence the journey no matter the circumstance.

He also has a problem with his knees as the first character in the initial chapter Molloy who had a problem with the legs and so he has to move with an aid of a bicycle which he sends his son to buy for him in a nearby town. They have to find Molloy as instructed by his boss Gaber, however, in the course of being in a hurry to leave and not to inform their house keeper of the duration they will take n their epic journey, they do not remember to ask the boss all the details pertaining to finding Molloy.

The urgency of finding Molloy makes Moran undergoes several challenges and temptations during the journey. After sending his son to go get a bicycle for him, the son stays for more than three days. some men come along his way that goes against his will and he go an extra mile by hitting one to a point of killing him with his walking stick. The son upon return is instructed by the further to peddle him. This he does for a while and finally abandons Moran when they get into Molloy country which was known as Ballyba.

Gaber is so determined to get Molloy so he joins hand in finding him, he finally bumps into Moran where he finds his health condition has worsened after his son had left him, his legs have become so weak and crippled but he doesn't offer any help to Moran but instead decides to order him to go back home as he has become of no help and cannot continue with the assignment . Moran decides to obey the order and goes back home though unwillingly. The boss is in a hurry to continue the search mission. Molloy was such an important person to the boss so all was ready to be done by Gaber to aid in finding him.

The Moran theological principles that were depicted when he had to go and take the holy communion before beginning the journey to go do the assignment that he was given by his boss shows the urgency of the church with respective to the work to be done. He skipped the church yet he made time to go for the holy communion service.

Finally the character is so exhausted and his health status has deteriorated making him to resemble Molloy in the first part of the novel by having crutches.

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