Free Essay Sample on The Critical Role of Source Evaluation in Research

Published: 2023-11-08
Free Essay Sample on The Critical Role of Source Evaluation in Research
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The evaluation of sources is of vital importance to any research undertakings. It is essential in determining the quality of information used in research. Understanding how to access credible information in any research activity is essential. The amount of information readily available within our reach is quite much, thus understanding which is true or false is proving to be a task. We evaluate the information for credibility i.e. Information that is convincingly true, accurate, and reputable.

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Accuracy and Timeliness

The accuracy and timeliness of the source used and also the source could be evaluated by considering its objectivity or bias towards the research topic in question. Evaluation enables one to concisely use a source to reference the work (Hordag, Pp 205). It will significantly improve the relevance of the study. The assessment of the topic and the work can also be used to make a comparison between the various forms of the work studied in a particular field. It will enable the researchers to retain the originality of the study.

Using high-quality work to support research gives research credibility. Credible sources translate into standard research and result in accreditation. A reader will be more glued to this research since there is evidence that the researcher has a wider knowledge base. Though the credibility of research is much more proven if the research is found within a library, still information itself should be critically analyzed for evaluation where is the originality of the information(author), qualifications of the author, and the purpose of the content. The information itself should not be biased. In accessing credibility, a researcher should seek that the information is suitable for the study.


Referencing is to approve that the information is not from the researcher's thinking rather it is from another source/author meant to support/develop the research claims. Referencing Ensure that the study is accurate and is not biased to an extent in an argument (Seixas, 324). The appropriate citation also gives the research a unique approach to the problem statement. The researcher can differentiate their work from the work of others. Proper referencing is also crucial to ensure that the originality of the work. The credibility and originality of the sources also show that the researcher acknowledges the work of the author. It's good to be original rather than being fake. Fake items have zero regard. Thus, for any research to have an allure, the writers should consider being as authentic as possible

Academically lawful referencing will ensure no conflict arising from the author's copyrights and other intellectual property ownership: freedom. An adequately referenced work is critical for its intended achievements. Correctly referenced research can make it be used for more research works (Boyd & Vickers, Pp234). A correctly referenced research is well-detailed research.

Proper referencing is more of a backup plan i.e. The researcher is simply backing up the research with evidence. Work-related to the research. The researcher is laying out an idea put forward by a reputable author. The researcher is communicating that it is an author's idea and authority whose opinion must be well-thought-out.

The referencing of an article is of enormous importance in comparison to existing views. This results in widening the researcher's knowledge base in as much as extending the researcher's thinking capacity. The researcher gains insights into the approaches applied by an author in arriving at a finding (Staedtler & Paul, 2017). Again, the writer is adding authority to his/her argument by comparing the views of other authors. The researcher is more lining up for defense.

Ethical considerations in referencing should be taken seriously by any researcher wishing to advance his/her work (Ilic & Maloney, Pp 45-76). Proper acknowledgment whenever citations are presented in any research should be of paramount importance to any researcher as this helps the researcher to avoid committing plagiarism in their writings. Right referencing and citation also allow both the learners and the teachers can access up to date information their works. Proper evaluation of sources and correct citations strengthens a researcher's argument and it shows that the researcher is not stolen. The reader can tell that the researcher has read widely and interacted properly with the topic/title. Thus, for any researcher wishing to gain genuine credit, a gate pass has been provided by this research.


To conclude, it is therefore important to develop skills to creatively and critically evaluate information. Most and commonly used source evaluation criteria include the use of the following tools, the authority of the author's tone, and the intended audience of the source—the purpose of the source and its relevance to the work.

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