Free Essay Sample on Professional Leadership

Published: 2023-04-12
Free Essay Sample on Professional Leadership
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Professional leadership comprehends the official section of governance, forming the mission and vision for the association, forming a procedure for acquiring goals of the organization, and aligning procedures and processes, persons and substructure, to achieve organizational objectives and goals. When a person is called a professional leader that means that he or she has a combination of both leadership skills and a good personality such that other people want to follow him or her. A good personality allows a person to relate well with others and act as a leader more of a boss, and people will always want to follow their trails.

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One of the greatest leaders I do admire is known as Hon. Muhammed Ali. He is a member of the county assembly of our state. Ali is a young, ambitious man whose interest is to ensure equality among people. Ali is a professional leader because he has excellent leadership traits, such as confidence. When Ali is confident to venture into new ideas, and this is one of the things people love about him (Mastrangelo, Angelo, Erik, and Steven 440).

This because he fights for everyone's rights, and he adopts a collaborative and creative environment where everybody is comfortable with it. I also admire him because he, not overconfidence. When a person is overconfident, they become arrogant and hence making their leadership abusive. Ali can maintain his sincere confidence and positivity. Hence he can motivate those working with him with the same level of buoyancy.

Another quality that makes him a great leader is that he has honest enthusiasm. This helps him to be focused on his mission, and it cannot be complicated. Due to his enthusiasm and passion, Ali can recognize critical issues in his work, and he can solve them so that his mission cannot be interfered with. When perilous matters are solved, innovations come up, and this helps in the development of an organization.

As a professional leader, Ali has good communication skills. These enable him to deliver an effective speech to the people to the people, and he can clearly explain his mission to the people. This enhances a good understanding of the people, and there is a good flow of work because of no confusion among the workers. In good communication, it not only about speaking effectively but also listening, Ali is a good listener, and he listens to everybody, and attends to their wishes. He is always available to discuss the issues affecting his people, and this has made many people like him more.

Ali is a good decision-maker, and he does not make decisions due to his position, but he acts as a good leader and make decisions that are fruitful for everyone. Also, when making decisions, Ali takes calculated risks, which will benefit everyone, and it will not affect his leadership. Even if the risk he took fails, he is always accountable for it and tries to make things better, and he never leaves his people to suffer alone.

Another quality that makes Ali a great leader is that he is curious and ambitious in finding new things. With this curiosity, Ali can explore new things and finds new solutions to the problems facing the state and organizations. He likes to try new ideas offered by other people, evaluates them, and finds the most suitable solution to the problems. By incorporating other people in his decisions and solving crimes, people feel that Ali is their professional leader because this enhances even the relationship between them.

The public feels that they have a count in the decision making of the county, and their rights are recognized. Another quality that makes Ali a great leader is that he is delegating. He knows who to assign a certain task, and he is sure that they will accomplish it on time. This is because he has a good record with his employees, and through delegation of chores to the employees, he can focus on other essential tasks for the favor of the community.

Ali is a leader who shows integrity at all times, and this has earned him a lot of trust from the public. As a professional leader, you have to learn to earn the trust of the public so that they can elect you again as their leader. When people trust you enough, even your reputation becomes good, and you will be recognized globally as a trustworthy leader.

As a professional leader, Ali is empathic, and this is because he is open-minded, and he tries to understand every problem of his followers (de Bettignies et al. 2011). He tries to identify the wants of his followers, connecting with them emotionally so that they can feel safe and comfortable concerning the issues disturbing them. This quality has enabled Ali to discover new negotiation maneuvers, he makes better guesses, enhancing strategies of work, and inspiring devotion among the other groups. These qualities help to enable a better environment for human beings, and this leads to increased productivity.

Also, as a professional and experienced leader Ali is resilient. This means that he always has a positive attitude, and he can remain calm even when the situations are getting tough. This helps him to solve problems diplomatically because he does not focus on the problem, but he focuses on finding the solution to the problem. Another quality I admire about Ali is his positivity. He inspires everybody on their unveiled behavior, life perspective, and attitude in any circumstances. These help to calm down things at work and reduce work stress and negative among the team members and the public.

Ali can influence a lot of people, and this has gained him a lot of respect as a professional leader. This has helped him to engage a lot of people in doing productive work as per his mission and promises that he has given. Ali is a leader with vision, and he plans for the future. This has enabled him to set actual goals that will be for the benefit of his followers. He can manage alterations while putting a balance between development and stability. This has enabled him to engage other new ideas but still maintaining the main long-term goals he had set.

Also, he can adapt to new changes occurring around him and implementing new strategies to benefit his followers and increase his leadership traits. I also admire how Ali teaches his followers and team members instead of giving orders. By showing people what is required of them, they become collaborative in their work, and the pressure at the workplace is reduced, and there is a good flow of work.

With these great leadership skills, Ali has been able to become a professional leader, and I admire his work so much. He is a true promise keeper, and he never disappoints his followers and makes sure that they are his priority. Ali is a kind and caring leader who is there for his people, and I consider him to be one of the best leaders I know.

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