Free Essay Sample on Organizational Behavior

Published: 2023-11-26
Free Essay Sample on Organizational Behavior
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Organizational behavior is referred to as the numerous forms of interaction and the undercurrents among people or a collection of people within the association (Foerster-Metz et al., 2018). Organizational behavior in a health care system is a crucial tool that the management always makes sure that is present and utilized. The nurses and doctors who are the providers of the health care services, work hand in hand together with the staff, work to make sure that the organizational goals are achieved and accomplished (Foerster-Metz et al., 2018).

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Different Tasks

They work hard day by day to ensure that the patients are taken care of properly, although working in an environment where everyone views how to perform different tasks. Although having different views, the healthcare sector has only one objective on their sight. Therefore, by understanding the organizational behavior properly, one can guide a group that revolves around several opinions and helps them understand one important objective. Hence by doing so, the organizational effectiveness will improve and its effectiveness bringing out good productivity.

Purpose and Importance of the SWOT

SWOT study is mainly used by different management to develop the strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses of an organization. The technique always assists the organization in acquiring concise information of an organization. When the managers take the information seriously and implement the changes, then positive results will be achieved (Arshad et al., 2017). SWOT analysis always provides detailed information on which areas need to be looked at and even requires a change. When their miscommunication in several departments in an organization and the members not working together as one, then the whole organization will fail. When healthcare workers lack enough resources to help them take care of their patients, they will be overwhelmed when the number of patients doubles; hence, much of their time will be needed.


Therefore, SWOT has helped many organizations by enabling them to come up with a comprehensive plan of fixing the problems in the departments and improving the subdivisions, hence creating togetherness. The unity will enable them to procure new business partners that will supply the association with medical supplies required for patient care.


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