Free Essay Sample: My High School Career Story

Published: 2023-11-13
Free Essay Sample: My High School Career Story
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High school remains a real transition period for teenagers, as they grow into adulthood and adapt to the increasing adult issues, such as employment, college, and careers (Mazzotti et al., 2016). The high school offers both opportunities and challenges to youngsters. I relocated to Dallas (a city in Texas in the USA) from Pittsburgh (a city in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania) when I was just twelve years old. Moving from one city to another may seem thrilling, but sometimes awful, usually emotionally apprehensive. From the age of five, children begin developing their social relationships and happy memories of life in an environment, relocation can alter these feelings (Mazzotti et al., 2016). All the acquaintances, well-being, and attachment get left behind. I had built relationships with most of the people in Pittsburgh, such as my schoolmates, teachers, neighborhood friends, and family friends.

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Geographical movement always has a severe adverse impact, especially for adolescents. Some studies have indicated that regular or recent relocations make students perform dismally in school and may engage in misconduct, sexual activities, and drug abuse (Mazzotti et al., 2016). Besides, such teenagers can suffer from depression, irritability, stress, fatigue, and sleep difficulties, among other psychosocial problems in the future. I am a kind person, which helped me gain social support from my family, teachers, schoolmates, neighborhood people, and family friends, which ensured that I did not feel lonely, stressed, grief, or lonely while at Pittsburgh. The advantage of my kindness enabled me to thrive in school and enjoy the company of those who influenced my world in Pittsburgh before moving to Dallas. Challenges that most teenagers experience in high school include self-image, stress, and emotional control that get worsened by massive hormonal tumult (Mazzotti et al., 2016). Some of the difficulties I experienced in my high school career involved the pressure to accomplish certain activities like academics, extracurricular activities, and sports.

However, these challenges ensured that I gained the required skills that make me always multitask, complete my duties as scheduled, solve complex life issues, and improve my team-player talent. Also, my kindness ensured that I received support from those who influenced my life on life-challenging problems. When I moved to Dallas, I easily made new friends in school and my new neighborhood while at the same time keeping contact with friends and my associates in Pittsburgh. Maintaining and creating new friends and associates ensured that I could contact them in case I needed advice or assistance regarding social and work-related issues. My high school career offered me the opportunity for my present endeavors. My high school experience did great work in providing me with a complete education that enhanced my general knowledge. The universal and focused learning that I received in high school provided me with an important asset that has ensured my success in life.

High school offered me practical applications of the subjects, such as how to manage my finances, effectively communicate, and handle the responsibilities that are ensured after high school. Besides, the high school offered me skills to meet deadlines, critically think, teamwork, attendance and punctuality, and to improve my knowledge. My kindness ensured that I developed an effective social network while in high school, a principle that has helped me in my current life to create appropriate networks that ensure that I achieve and accomplish my life goals and objectives. It remains an important factor that moving from one city to another also helped me develop a strong emotional sense in my contemporary undertakings.


Mazzotti, V. L., Rowe, D. A., Sinclair, J., Poppen, M., Woods, W. E., & Shearer, M. L. (2016). Predictors of post-school success: A systematic review of NLTS2 secondary analyses. Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals, 39(4), 196-215.

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