Importance of College Education, Essay Example for Everyone

Published: 2019-10-28
Importance of College Education, Essay Example for Everyone
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Education is a key to success. To attain my dreams and have a brighter future, I know that a college education is paramount. I have always looked forward to a college education since my childhood. I have dreamed of it, yearned, and always anticipated for the experience. More importantly, my parents have always emphasized why I need to attain it as they have also worked had to make savings for me to undertake it. Attaining college education will be essential in the realization of the much-anticipated future as an independent adult. The importance of college education to me is thus enormous and cannot be overlooked or underestimated. College education is thus important to me due to the following reasons.

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College education will enable me to enter into my dream career. Every career requires one to possess certain knowledge and skills which would ensure that one is competent in their field (College Atlas, 2014). College education will thus be ideal in equipping me with these expectations. Through the various activities and courses that I will undertake while in college, I will be fully prepared to enter into my dream career. Entering into this career through education will allow me to work in any part of the world comfortably because I have all the requirements of entering into the career. Besides, I will be able to nurture my talent through engagement in other non-academic activities while undertaking my college studies.

Additionally, a college education will give me a competitive edge in the job market. College education will open more opportunities and options for me particularly in entering into employment. College education will provide me with knowledge and skills which are not possessed by those people who have not gone to college. Being equipped with these will place me at an advantageous position and allow me to compete favorably with the rest who have attained this level of education. More significantly, it will provide me with promotional opportunities in my future workplace as studies have indicated that individuals who have graduated from college earn higher salaries that those who have not (The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, 2000).

Moreover, a college education will enable me to undergo additional growth and development. This education will equip me with life skills which will lead to a quality life. The education will also allow me intermingle with new people from diverse culture and thus will help in embracing diversity and instrumental in removing of stereotypes. Also, I will be able to interact with instructors who are experts in the respective fields. The interaction will widen my thinking and perceptions of all aspects of life. The freedom that comes with college and new responsibilities assumed will make sure that I become an independent and more responsible individual. Besides, I will be able to explore new ideas which will sharpen my thinking and perceptions about life.

In summary, a college education will be an investment and sacrifice worth making which cannot be overlooked due to the numerous benefits which I will accrue from it. College education will enable me to pursue my dream career through the skills and knowledge that will be acquired through this training. In addition, a college education will provide me with a competitive edge in the job market through promotion and higher salaries. Besides, this education will enhance my growth and development through interactions and skills that will lead to a quality life.


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