Free Essay on Rules Governing the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)

Published: 2023-01-22
Free Essay on Rules Governing the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)
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The psychiatric and the mental nurses must use the scientific, theoretical, and clinical knowledge managing various illnesses and health among the patient (Moller, 2017). This helps in providing quality and current services to the patients. The psychiatric nurses who go against these laws tend to put their jobs at risk. Appropriate knowledge helps the health practitioners to provide proper strategies which can help in mitigating various health problem facing the patients.

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Also, the PMHNP should be able to assess the patients' mental health and provide appropriate approaches to promoting health and preventing diseases. This has helped in solving psychological issues among the patients since there is the dissemination of quality services (Moller, 2017). People in the society are not affected by conditions which could have led to an increase in the mortality rate due to various approaches used by medical providers to prevent disease occurrences.

Pros and Cons of having Full, Limited, and Restricted Practice?


These practices help in improving the accessibility to healthcare services by the individuals living in the underserved rural and urban areas. Through the availability of these services, health quality has improved, thus reducing the incidences of diseases in peoples' locality. Also, accessibility has minimized delays, which were created by the old rules and regulations. Healthcare practitioners are disseminating the medical services equally to every individual who has reduced the mortality rate among the residents (Dillon & Gary, 2017). Therefore, accessibility of these services has made people to access these services at any time of the day leading to the reduction of disease incidences in the society.

Consequently, the practices have led to a reduction in the billing costs hence making it possible for every individual to access the medical services. People are covered by health insurance, which helps the poor to access quality healthcare services for treatment. Also, through the use of these practices, there is the protection of the number of patients who can be seen by the healthcare providers (Dillon & Gary, 2017). This has helped in the reduction of congestion in the medical facilities and every individual in the underserved areas can be seen by the health practitioners.


Due to the full practices, most of the nursing practitioners are viewed as being under qualified to help in the provision of quality medical care. This has rendered many nursing practitioners jobless since they are termed as becoming underqualified. Also, this has made the physicians to be concerned with what is causing most nursing practitioners to lack adequate training (Dillon & Gary, 2017). The training centers have been established to improve their learning centers so that they can meet the requirements of the full practices.

The Situation in my State (Texas)

In Texas, nursing practitioners are trained so that they can work independently as medical care practitioners. The skilled provided to the nursing practitioners help them in prescribing medication to the patients and ordering for the laboratory tests. Also, in Texas, the nursing practitioners refer the patients to other specialists for more medical check-ups and issue the handicap placards (Delaney, 2017). The restrictions which are in the healthcare sector on various roles to be practiced by the nursing practitioners are threatening American healthcare.


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