Free Essay on Pros and Cons of Combat Sports

Published: 2022-06-09
Free Essay on Pros and Cons of Combat Sports
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Combat sports are sports involving two contestants fighting one another using various fighting techniques with respect to given rules (Wallace, Maffulli, Kordi, & Wroble, 2009). Combat sports are different from other sporting activities since the major objective is for one contestant to defeat the opponent by scoring more points than the other. Different types of combat sports include wrestling, boxing, fencing and mixed martial arts. Numerous techniques are used in various combat sporting to conquer the opponent. For instance, the striking technique is applicable in boxing, taekwondo, karate and Muay Thai sports, kicking is useful in kickboxing and taekwondo sports, the grappling technique is applicable in wrestling and sumo, throwing is used in aikido and judo while weapon use technique is applicable in fencing, and Kobudo games. There is high regulation in the use of various techniques in combat sports to reduce severe physical injuries from occurring. Referees are present in the sport to interrupt actions and offer penalties to participants who play roughly and likely to cause physical injury to the other. In sports that use weapons, the equipment should be non-lethal and contestants should wear protective gears (Lane, 2006). There are great variations in the level of protective gears needed and the degree of physical contact with each other in the fighting sport. There are various arguments against the sport while others support it. The paper is going to discuss whether Combat sports are good or bad for an individual or society at large.

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According to Carl, Graeme, & James (2011), fighting sports are a fun form of exercise which creates practical skills. Most kinds of exercise like going to the gym is more of a chore and following a similar routine daily is very boring but learning new experiences every now and then is interesting and it motivates. This makes one not to miss any training session since it needs concentration and the skills received are essential in the real life. Balance and reflexes make one think further and make second decisions hence more coordination. When an activity is more of fun, one is able to gauge his progress hence more chances of continued training. The sports training cover all key fitness areas. To be an excellent fighter one needs to be powerful, have the strength and good aerobic and anaerobic stamina. The training involves build-up of strong bones, muscles, and tendons which can deliver force to the opponent and take hits. Fighting comprises jumping, long distance run, sprints, and boxing. Combat sporting offers the best physical fitness among all sports kinds and physical activities.

The sport helps individuals have confidence and improve their willpower. With high skills, one is strong and has an aesthetic body which implies increased confidence. It makes people know their capabilities and become assertive thus enabling one to set boundaries to avoid bad actions which can easily bruise their ego (Lane, 2006). The sense of confidence makes people be hardworking in their work, relationship and schooling activities hence success. According to Marshall Arts, anything is possible with training meaning you can easily succeed in various aspects of life through training. Combat sports make persons calm, less impulsive and a better fighter. Apart from gaining confidence, an individual learns to avoid trouble and keeps the emotions from pressure. It is essentials in professional and love life since one is not likely to cause any fights carelessly. People physically remove piled up stress and negative emotions through defending pulling and punching, therefore, a happy life. Training in combat sports allows for social interactions and one can make friends. New friendship provides interesting opportunities not necessarily a professional fighter but connection to other jobs. A sense of camaraderie is created among people training and spending the most time together.

Wallace, Maffulli, Kordi, & Wroble argues that combat sports promote respect and discipline and improve skills in conflict resolution (2009). People engaged in fighting sports training learn to have respect for fellow colleagues and trainers. Physical confrontation can humble an individual hence the will to develop and improve certain skills require discipline. The fighters are discipline and dedicated for them to gain strength and become fit. This respect and discipline developed are applied in the normal life of a person. Fighting sports technique teaches people to have inner respect and peace hence able to negotiate a conflict among people hence peace and love in the society. The sport is also a source of income since when a number of viewers increase the game owners get more revenues.

Fighting sports are however believed to promote violence since the sport is violent in its nature (Carl, Graeme, & James, 2011). Violence is found to follow boxing participants outside the ring. Several boxers are victims of violent deaths; for example, former greats Alexis Arguello, Vernon Forrest and Trevor Berbick have perished due to violence. In 2011, the greatest combat sports champion Floyd May weather, Jr has been jailed on various occasions for domestic abuse. Also, at least a dozen combat sports fighters have faced accuses of domestic violence since 2010. The sports audience may end up acting violently after watching the violent sport. According to a study at San Diego by the University of California, after the scores in NFL Football on Sundays, increase occurrences of domestic violence are reported. This implies that not only taking part in the play that makes one violent but also watching the sport. Also, people might use the learned skills during fight training to assault other people.

Some forms of combat sports like boxing causes brain trauma following repeated hits on the head while competing (Lane, 2006). Combat sport is linked to damages in the brain which its severity is not easily noticed until death. According to Charles Bernick, continuous blows on the brain cause changes in thinking and memory. The more years an individual engages in combat sporting the high chances of thinking difficulties, memory loss and eventually dementia. In 2015, Braydon Smith a professional boxer in Queensland collapsed and died 90 minutes after completing the game. The news forced the Australian medical association to call for a ban in boxing sport. Ann Tindall, Queensland president said that boxing is not very dangerous as compared to other contact games. She said that Braydon's death was just an accident since there are many competitors like athletes who collapse and die after completing the race hence the sport should not be blamed it upon the individual on how he is fighting.

In summary, combat sports are good considering the various positive effects it has on an individual's personal life and the society at large. Despite various nations trying to ban combat sports, the sport is very essential and has risks like any other sports. The sports are enjoyable forms of exercise which cover all kind of fitness. It improves conflict resolution skills and instills discipline and respect among the fighters and society. Fighting sports promotes confidence and strengthens the willpower. With fighting people become calm and avoid various situations which can bruise their ego. The sports involve training where people develop various techniques and skills which are essential in self-defense and helps in promotion of peace and unity in the community. Combat sporting is a good sport, in fact, it is gaining popularity worldwide and what matters most are for the participants to follow the set rules to avoid injury to them.


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