Is Learning Framed In? Education Essay Sample

Published: 2019-11-18
Is Learning Framed In? Education Essay Sample
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People have always constructed their ideas and meanings regardless of the way that teachers and books direct them. They achieve this through connecting the new concepts and information to what they already know and believe. Concepts are an essential unit to the human thought. They do not have any multiple links to the way that students think about their environment and are not likely to remember most of these concepts. Learning involves understanding these concepts and putting them in practice as they are essential for the learning outcomes required for students when they finish their education. Learning should be influenced by what the students already know and believe to be right about the world they live in. The ideas behind any form of learning should be made personal for the students. Understanding should be done to be fun and interesting instead of tedious and full of agony for the students. There should be a wider gap for students to express themselves and implement their understanding of concepts that are being taught to them in class.

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Transformative learning is considered to be a primary goal when it comes to adult education. Learning is considered to have a larger framework when it comes to the purpose and outcome it needs to achieve. But how does this contend with the different individual backgrounds from the students and what they have grown to believe? If for example, a student believes that the world is flat then, they should be taught around that idea and knowledge of the world being round should be taught to them and expressed in a language that they will understand. The way that we perceive the world is also based on our way of thinking and our experiences. We expect what has happened in the past to happen again. This is true as we usually look to experience to help us understand the world better. A student will expect that if they are not able to comprehend a hard concept in the first attempt, then they will never get it. This kind of mentality is what needs to be changed, and thats where transformative learning comes in place. Learning has to consider the weaknesses of a student in their ability to understand certain concepts and learning frameworks and adapt them to suit their capacity of thinking. Knowledge should not be confined in a small space and only taught in one way. There has to be another way of understanding and grasping of concepts. Passing should not be the main focus, and that is what most people consider to be the primary goal of learning. Tagg quotes We view it as a sure sign of deficiency in our students when they seem to be focused exclusively on grades, to consider the class as valuable for its sake rather than for what it should stand for. It a very accurate observation as it is what has gone on for many decades since the introduction of learning and education systems. Students have merely focused on passing and getting a good grade instead of understanding what they learn and read in the reading materials. The learning frameworks clearly need to be changed to allow more students to experience learning rather than be forced to learn and pass. It should be made fun and participatory where all students can share their ideas without the answer being defined to a single right answer.

To educate as the practice of freedom is a way of teaching that anyone can learn. This statement clearly explains why learning should be done to ensure that everyone can understand the concepts of knowledge no matter where they come from. There should be no boundaries set to learning and teachers, and lecturers should not confine any one student to a particular role. The teachers should be able to approach students as unique beings with unique ideas and ways of learning. That way a student will feel like they can express themselves as they learn. The compartmentalization of knowledge into little bits makes students narrow their focus, and it becomes hard to learn anything as they are flooded with little bits of information and knowledge that they cant comprehend. Therefore, the primary goal of learning should not be framed in, and should be centered on unlocking a sense of self-actualization, which will promote a well-being among the students. It is a method that will be able to empower the student to go beyond the foundation of knowledge and share their knowledge and concepts.

We transform our frames of reference through critical reflection on the assumptions upon which our interpretations, beliefs, and habitsare based We can never understand truly what we dont know or have never experienced and this is where learning frameworks have failed. It is only when we are presented with learning that we can reflect on and interpret through our beliefs that we become more accepting to knowledge.

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