Free Essay Example on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Through the Science

Published: 2023-11-06
Free Essay Example on The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Through the Science
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It has since been established that the answer to a given question or the specific approach to a project is based on the influence of different perspectives. The attitudes and perceptions of a person are informed by different lenses through which the different aspects of the project are explored. Seeing as to how different lenses possess different characteristics, the perspectives they impact are also significantly different. This paper follows the examination of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy through the natural and applied sciences and the social sciences lenses to illustrate the social interactions between the two.

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Natural and Applied Sciences

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy presents a culmination of a somewhat fantasy adventure at the core of which lies significant overlaps when viewed through the lens of natural and applied sciences. The Trilogy depicts a future in which the entirety of civilization lies in the outcome of One Ring (Foster, 2007). Distinctively, this Ring has been missing for centuries. As a cultural artifact, the entire Trilogy is a depiction of an ultimate society in which social relations are based on rings' existence (Dreher, 2002). Most generally, natural and applied sciences provide a lens through which practical issues and the physical world can be examined.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy provides a social commentary through the natural and applied sciences to encompass critical fields of these sciences. Furthermore, the Trilogy depicts a platform through which the description, observation, and prediction of the natural world can be made. The power of the rings enhances the Trilogy's ability to tell a coherent story of the world at the time. It serves as a mirror to the experiences of the different groups that believed in the power of the twenty rings, and more so dark Lord's Ring.

Science provides an essential way through which the Lord of the Rings Trilogy can be understood (Beck, 2015). The natural and applied sciences are suited for enhancing the more in-depth understanding of the experiences exhibited in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. For instance, it is through technology that is a field affiliated with applied sciences that enables understanding of how the power of the rings works. Moreover, these sciences enforce the experience of the different groups fighting to maintain control as is conferred by the Ring of the Dark Lord. According to how the rings were distributed between the different groups, men, elves, dwarves, and the dark Lord, science reveals that Sauron's Ring is the most powerful as exemplified in how mysterious letters keep on appearing on the surface of the Ring. He who possesses this Ring gains the power to rule over all others (Chin & Gray, 2001).

Lens Analysis Social Sciences

The social sciences dwell on the existing relationships between people. More so, social sciences exemplify a lens through which cultures, societies, human interactions, and behavior can be understood. As a social commentary, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy befits the perfect illustration of the type and influence of existing relationships between people that further contribute to the determination of how these people live and the existing ways through which their lives can be improved. Throughout the Trilogy, human relationships, as well as their interactions with the dwarves, elves, and the dark Lord Sauron, are presented in a scientific process that utilizes a unique technology to depict an in-depth understanding of the complexity of life at the time.

The Trilogy serves as an embodiment upon which the postulates of social sciences find basis and gain the capacity to stimulate a better perception of the fictitious worlds presented therein. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is an explanation of why this society is the way it is. Besides, the Trilogy serves as a social commentary for these sciences by enabling a peek into the past conditions in which the groups led their lives, the changes that have happened in their world to lead up to the current state of affairs. More importantly, the Trilogy serves as an opportunity to explore the causes and effects of the existence of both the rings and their power, and the inhabitants of the world at the time.

The social science lens provides an intricate platform through which this artifact and its prevalent social issues can be understood. Through the provisions of this lens, the existing connections between the different realms are better understood. Seeing as how this lens provides for the exploration of what causes people to live a certain way and how their lives can be improved, it enforces the observation of this phenomenon in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Through social sciences, it becomes possible to see the cause of the fellowships between humans and other inhuman creatures and what this does to their society. Moreover, it emphasizes the perception of humans as social beings. It mainly strengthens the ability to deduce interactions present in this society that is not naturally occurring, allowing for a deeper understanding of the world therein.


This general education lenses provide an interface through which the connection between people and the world can be observed. Fundamentally, both lenses incorporate different elements of the world in conjunction with human relationships to enforce an understanding of humans and the world.


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