Free Essay Example on Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Published: 2023-10-18
Free Essay Example on Social Media: Friend or Foe?
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A few years back, social media had little presence as compared to the popularity that it has gained today. However, with the introduction of Myspace and Facebook, a new generation was ushered, ne updates, and profile change. Everyone wants everyone else to be on the know about their activities. The upside of social media is the new connections that are made. Families can connect, and modern family members are being found for the first day. The question remains how many hours in a day on average do one spend on social media? According to Woodridge, in her article, social media friend or foe, there are over 130 million social media users in America (Woodridge). Her opinion about social media and technology is that if used the correct way, it can be of significant help. I agree with her that social media is an annoying part of our world, but it enhances our lives in various ways.

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One of how social media is beneficial is that we can socialize with friends and family, share pictures, and even check on new places that we would like to visit. For instance, social media allows us to check into new resultants that we are thinking of eating at. Additionally, one can share their experiences at these places, and this can be useful to another person who is looking for amazing places with a good food offering. The question posed by Woodridge is, however, doe everyone needs what you are doing. On my part, I would not like everyone to know what I am doing when I peek my laundry from dry cleaners. However, for many individuals, it is a way of socializing.

Secondly, have of the United States citizen have learned of breaking news through social media (Woodridge). For instance, the polling for the general elections is continuously updated on the social platform, and this how most people know who won. However, it is essential to note that all the information that is updated on social media is not accurate. On average, 49% of the United States citizens have leaned on the news on social media, which turned out to be incorrect.

Social media is of great benefit when it comes to education. Teachers, as well as students who make great use of social media, are always prepared. It offers a variety of ways we can share, learn, and students have access to great tips on how to study and pass exams. Through the employment of social media, the teachers improve the student’s involvement in class, and hence technology has a significant impact on education. For instance, the use of google classroom is very vital for giving assignments and handing in assignments.


In conclusion, social media is always evolving; it has its advantages and disadvantages. However, I believe that the positivity of it overweighs its disadvantages. It has been criticized in numerous ways, for instance, the influence that it has on students. However, I believe that if social media is used in the right approach, it can be of great importance in connect families, helping the business, facilitate the spreading of information, and so many others. it is vital to note that moderation is essential.

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