Free Essay Example on Google on the Chinese Market

Published: 2023-11-08
Free Essay Example on Google on the Chinese Market
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Google is the most known and recognized company in the tech world (Vise, 2007). Over the years, the firm expanded its goods and amenities to satisfy its diverse clients, thus meeting their preferences and desires (Steiber & Alänge, 2013). The paper focuses on determining whether Google should render its services to the Chinese market despite the increase in regulations that hinder the operations and accomplishment of the company's mission and vision statements. The research employs strategic management concepts such as internal also external environment analysis and the SWOT tool to identify the appropriate decision and determine aspects that will entail the tactical plan.

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Background Information on Google

Sergey Brian and Larry Page established Google in 1998, and its head office is located in Mountain View, California (Steiber & Alänge, 2013). The main office is in a building known as Googleplex. The creators developed the concept of the company when studying at Stanford University. The individuals worked together on a school project where they created a search engine and named it BackRub, but after further development changed it to Google (Vise, 2007). The term Google was derived from a mathematical concept created by Milton Sirota to symbolize the technicality of grouping data found on the internet (Steiber & Alänge, 2013).

At first, the firm was only worth 100,000 dollars, but now Google is a multibillion-dollar company (Girard, 2009). The firm began rendering only the online search engine service, but now it offers over 50 internet-related products and amenities (Cowgill & Zitzewitz, 2015). The organization provides facilities ranging from email services to manufacturing smart gadgets. The diversity in its goods facilitates its ability to attract a huge customer base and encourage the maintenance of loyalty from clients across the globe. Internet services such as Google News, calendars, YouTube, and maps make the firm's brand the most popular. Google owns more than 70 percent of the entire search appliance market due to its influence on platforms such as Chrome (Vise, 2007). Statistics suggest that a lot of people and businesses interact with each other through the use of Google services such as Gmail (Steiber & Alänge, 2013). As Google is one of the most successful firms in the high-tech business, its main competitors include Apple, IBM, and Microsoft (Cowgill & Zitzewitz, 2015).

Google's Mission and Business ModelMission and Goals

The primary purpose of Google is to evaluate the collected information and ensure that it is reachable and meaningful to people worldwide. The company's vision is to ensure that internet users receive essential data from different authors worldwide with just a click. Google is fulfilling its purpose by using web pages and indexes to promote accuracy and proficiency in its search engine amenities (Girard, 2009). The firm developed the easy-to-use idea to facilitate a rise in information accessibility. Google has several objectives, including enabling technology to provide precise and quick amenities to internet users, developing the ad system, and expanding the customer base of the content found on its website (Vise, 2007). The firm also wants to establish the most active research laboratory across the globe and to be the best search engine universally.

Business Model

Google's business model can be described through the use of aspects such as business partners, processes, resources, types of customers, and expenses. The key individuals in running Google's daily operations include the suppliers, sales personnel, and the advanced equipment makers. The firm relies on web owners who provide free information since they tend to benefit from each other (Cowgill & Zitzewitz, 2015). Free subscriptions encourage internet users to browse the websites hence increasing the content' readers.

The business process relies on three technological aspects: an index, an algorithm, and computing power to run its operations (Steiber & Alänge, 2013). The index represents the firm's database, which entails free accessible information that users can acquire across the web. Frequent updates on the index increase the search engine's level of accuracy. It ensures that the company's search engine provides precise results to its users. The algorithms are tools that evaluate and analyze the web pages' arrangement in relevance to the search findings. It makes it easier for clients to use the internet platform and eradicates the risk of possible errors. The aspect of algorithms enforces online advertising and marketing. Computing power can be defined as a mixture of physical and software properties, as well as software developers (Girard, 2009). The physical assets entail cables and information centers while the software is websites. The competent program creators have several duties, such as developing and modifying codes.

Google has a diverse range of products and services such as Play Store, maps, calendars, games, also inquiry platforms. The company prefers to have highly knowledgeable employees to facilitate effective innovation and increase the ability of the individuals to mend; IT infrastructure errors without the need for expertise skills outside the company's workforce.

The high-tech firm divides its huge consumer base into three groups: users, marketers, and content creators (Steiber & Alänge, 2013). Some individuals employ Google resources to evaluate big data to ensure that comprehensive information is helpful. Businesses use the Internet platform to showcase their products and services. Marketers can inquire about the company's cost rates by contacting the customer care staff. The content providers are the people who rely on AdSense facilities. Consumers can acquire Google's products through the use of the firm's official and affiliate websites, as well the AdWords. The main sources of expenses for Google are the maintenance costs of the servers also employees' salaries and bonuses. Google's business model focuses on the customers' needs and evaluates its promotion techniques.

Strategic Management Concepts

Strategic management is the act of making choices and developing techniques to accomplish a company's set goals. The paper introduced the strategic management concepts to evaluate Google's operations. The process allowed the researcher to set up a plan to deal with the firm's issue with China. Strategic management analysis involves the use of aspects such as a company's internal and external environment to determine its performance, which is vital when making decisions (Khan et al., 2015). The process also entails the use of the SWOT analysis technique to develop a long-term plan.

External Environment

Political and legal aspects

Google is a multinational company; thus, it operates in diverse countries with restriction regulations that tend to undermine the firm's operations. Some states enforce the aspect of monopoly, thus preventing the company from providing its services within the location. It undermines the execution of Google's mission and vision goals of delivering information through online platforms to individuals worldwide.

Countries such as China raise several ethical and technical concerns over Google's operations (Chen, 2011). One of the most common issues surrounding the high-tech company is the aspect of privacy. There other elements, which include censorship and copyright. China introduced a model known as a golden shield, which has the function of controlling its residents' use of the internet. China accuses the firm of employing search findings for its selfish gain or the use of people's intellectual assets without permission. For example, the click fraud entails the implementation of automation to manipulate the websites displayed on the users' screen. The allegation is that Google receives payments from website owners to facilitate the misconduct. Google can gather personal information for around two years and allow marketing firms to purchase the data at a high price. The concept facilitates scrutiny on the company's level of privacy. New regulations, such as the net neutrality bill, forced Google to make transitions in its business concept (Thompson, 2006). The law eliminated the aspect of premium clients who benefited from fast internet speed to enforce equity in the customer base. The act prompted the rise of challenges such as the rise in internet traffic and technical errors in Google's operations. The high-tech firm undergoes legal issues due to the lack of development in the concept of cyber regulations.

Socio-cultural aspects

It is the responsibility of Google to know the latest fashion trends and social celebrations to enforce entertainment services and also attract the attention of a more significantly diverse target market by commemorating religious and cultural ceremonies (Khan et al., 2015). Google incorporates algorithms to evaluate individuals' searches to determine their lifestyle choices to promote personalized advertising. (Girard, 2009). The young generation loves to use smartphones; the habit is beneficial to Google since they get to know the specific location of its users when they employ the map application.

Demographic groups

It is important to note that since Google is an affordable internet platform, it attracts a wide range of demographics. Most of Google's customers are the youth who are mostly students in colleges and universities. They use the Internet engine platform to acquire comprehensive information to complete their assignments and research projects. Students can use Google Scholar to retrieve academic sources that can provide depth insights on the study question. Statistics suggest that the Alexa application is mostly used at educational facilities.

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