Free Essay: Ethical and Moral Practices of Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa

Published: 2022-09-30
Free Essay: Ethical and Moral Practices of Doing Business in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Define ethical and moral practices of doing business in SSA. Nigeria

Ethical and moral practices can be defined differently depending on the writer's context. These practices determine how business activities are run in a country. Specifically, ethical and moral practices in Sub-Saharan Africa depend on the developments in the country. It is evident that countries with efficient ethical and moral practices in society tend to support businesses hence a successful economy. Nigeria is one of the sub-Saharan African countries that have flourished due to ethical practices that promote investments. Ethical practices focus on the decision-making processes which determines the best values and interests while morality is the code of behavior based on ethical decisions. The Nigerian government has developed ethical standards that ensure organizations exhibit proper behavior and being diligent in enforcing policies (De George, 2011). However, the country is faced by unethical practices like money laundering and bribery.

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How can a company in SSA successfully carry out ethical and moral practices of doing business?

Companies in Sub-Saharan Africa can manage ethical and moral practices by establishing ethics programs that convey corporate values, codes and policies that guide the behavior and acts of both the employees and administrators (Ofori, 2009). The organization's staff could be informed of the practical tools and information so that they could understand their responsibilities in ethics management. The final step involves assessing and cultivating ethical culture. Ethical culture in the company should focus on the values, norms and behaviors of the organization (Trevino, Butterfield, & McCabe, 1998). Members of the organization could also be trained in ethics and morality.Take on the role of a consultant to provide some persuasive recommendations to the executive team of a multinational project on ethical and moral practices.

The executive team of a multinational project should observe ethical and moral practices by recognizing the cultural and ethical practices in the countries where the projects are being done (Trevino, Weaver, & Reynolds, 2006). The host county cultures should be respected and the team should avoid indecent behaviors like bribery, unfair tender allocation and observing the government rules regarding local content, taxes and unlawful activities like corruption and money laundering.


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