Free Essay on Whether Flexible Working Hours Foster Teamwork

Published: 2022-03-02
Free Essay on Whether Flexible Working Hours Foster Teamwork
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In my opinion it is true that flexible working hours leads to teamwork because when the employees are comfortable with the schedules and shifts they work they can easily team with others

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It is evident because each employee will be responsible to help another when they are not at work for the obvious reason that they will be helped in turn.

On the contrary when flexible working hours are not embraced then employees will be watching one another and hurry to leave on time also, will be working individually without considering colleagues.

I am also of the opinion that when employees are allowed to choose their time of work they can quickly step in for others when they are absent from duty.

When they are given flexible hours of work everyone will be willing to help another person when they are absent.

Therefore I can say that employees work together in harmony when they know that they can be helped when they are not on duty.

In conclusion:-' It is important to note that when workers are given a leeway, they will also do the same in return of the favor they previously obtained therefore team work is enhanced as a result of flexible working hours

ARG evaluation

Acceptable- flexible working hours make employees comfortable with their schedules because it allows them to choose the best time they can give the most.

Relevant- when employees are comfortable with their work schedules they can easily assist others. It implies that when they are comfortable the willingness to work as a team is experienced.

Good ground-Because of comfortable working schedules which leads to assisting one another team work is enhanced. It is therefore critical to ensure flexible working hours are implemented in companies.

High productivity from the employees

I concur with the fact that with flexible working hours, employees bring good results because they will be working within the hours they can be most productive.

It is evident because productivity varies from one person to another based on the best times they are more active

In my view therefore each employee can be productive in the times they choose and not those imposed by companies.

In my opinion there those who can be very productive during the early hours of the morning and there those who work best during late hours of the day.

In this regard therefore all the employees should be scheduled as per the hours they consider bets for them to work and productivity in the company will be high.

The logic behind it is that employee's productivity can only be determined by each one of them.

Conclusion: I can therefore say that when employees are given flexible working hours then they become most productive than when the schedules are strict.

ARG evaluation

Acceptance- It is evident that when employees are given the chance to choose the best time they can then they will produce good results

Relevant- it is because people have different times of being productive some during early morning and some during the day

Good ground-It is therefore evident that productivity can only be achieved when employees are allowed to choose the best times they can be productive and they will be prolific.

Employees will be motivated

It is true that when employees are given flexible working hours, they become motivated because they feel understood and accommodated in the company they are working.

When they are understood they return a hand by giving more of what they know at work.

In my view the employees are motivated they will not be pushed to work either will they work to fulfill duty but with passion and desire to bring out the best.

In my view employees who enjoy flexible working hours will always direct themselves on what is supposed to be done and cannot be pushed

The employees who enjoy flexible working hours tend to responsible and own their work..

Conclusion- I can therefore conclude that when all the employees are given flexible working hours they become their motivated at work.

ARG evaluation

Acceptance- employees who are content with their job will be self-motivated at work and contentment is brought about by flexible working hours.

Relevant- Due to flexible working hour's employees will be motivated to work the hardest as a way of appreciating the offer. On the contrary when working hours are not flexible then employees will be demotivated.

Good ground- It is therefore evident that flexible working hours make employees feel motivated and when they are motivated they will work the hardest in appreciation. It crucial to conclude that flexible hours is key in productivity, team work and motivation of employees.

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