Free Essay Answering the Questions on the Cargill Company and Their Website

Published: 2022-04-20
Free Essay Answering the Questions on the Cargill Company and Their Website
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What is the organization's mission/vision?

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Cargill is American-held incorporation found in the city of Minnesota. It is one of the largest privately-held organizations in America. The vision of the company is intended to unite, challenge, and inspire everything they do. By acting on the ideas, the company is driven to achieve its vision for the future. The mission of the company is to be the global leader in nourishing people.

What can you learn about the organization's culture from their website?

The company was founded in the 19th C after the end of civil war in Minnesota. The founder was known as William Wallace Cargill and thus the name of the company. Cargill has steadily grown from a grain storage facility it was at that time to a global producer and distributor of agricultural products such as refined oil. It is one of the leading employers in America regarding reasonable payment and employee-employer relations.

What does the organization value?

The organization is grounded in improving people's lives. It puts more effort in the agricultural sector whereby it buys raw materials from farmers and converts the materials into finished products with much higher value than the raw materials. The organization works in harmony with governments and non-governmental organization to ensure that the services and products produced by the company are of utmost benefit to all the involved stakeholders.

What were you hoping to see on the site that was missing?

I was hoping to see a clear organizational breakdown from the most senior employee downwards which was not clear. I was also not able to see how the organization distributes its profit taking into perspective that there are many stakeholders involved in the business.

What types of jobs and benefits do they offer?

They offer jobs both to senior and junior administrators who function is to coordinate all functions related to their department. They do this by ensuring that responsibilities are assigned properly hence ensuring efficiency. Scientists are also employed to improve on some of their products and also ensure farmers produce the intended raw materials. Drivers and other semi-skilled personnel are also employed. They all enjoy salaries and allowances.

How, if at all, are they involved in the community?

They help the farmers by offering them advice on how to increase their farm produce cost-effectively. They also advise the farmers on risk management strategies. They also work hand in hand with governments so that they develop designer-made products for a specific locality. They also provide employment opportunities to the surrounding locals who do the casual work and also white collar jobs.

Do you see yourself fitting into this organization? Why or why not?

As a psychologist, I am perfectly equipped to fit in the organization under the human resource department. Due to the large economies of scale that the organization enjoys it may tend to assume some of the issues raised by the consumers of their products hence on a long-term basis impart negatively on their sales. Therefore a person who will address the concerns of users in the most effective manner is required.

What are Holland types likely to dominate in this organization?

This organization does not have a single Holland type instead it has characteristics for both the social type and conventional. This is because they are orderly in that they deal with numbers and value success in business, hence the reason for their excellence in the industry for more than 150 years. The social type comes in because they operate on the principle of supporting people.

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