Free Essay about the Research Conducted on the Importance of Taking Time to Celebrate

Published: 2022-11-07
Free Essay about the Research Conducted on the Importance of Taking Time to Celebrate
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Achievement celebration is a primary element of organizational leadership. There are various reasons as to why leaders should always take part in celebrations especially after the success of a particular team (Hogan & Coote, 2014). This will always define an individual on how he or she is perceived by being a leader. Fundamentally, this will still build your reputation, relationships, and performance as well. Other than that, leadership recognition also incorporates the financial and overall career aspects. Therefore, employees will always be happy whenever they are appreciated and not still feel good when their efforts are unappreciated. Elaborately, here are some of the reasons why celebrating success by leaders is still vital. The primary goal is essential as it reminds one of the set goals and the reasons why it comes first. The Johnson test emphasizes the need for leadership to take part in celebrating organizational achievement as positive motivation. In some occasions, people tend to forget goals, and in return, the meaning of the task usually get lost. Therefore, it is important to remember this since it helps grow the business making employees get more inspired to do more in the future. Secondly, employees shall be in apposition to know that an excellent and well-focused goal-setting process will always work since it is entirely pegged on good strategies that later delivers excellent results (Kouzes, 2014). Usually, the employees to get motivated, and as a result, they end up delivering excellent work.

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Taking Time to Recognize Victories and Reinforced Shared Values Enhance the Culture and Climate of the Organization?

In many companies, there is a possibility on the side of managers to shape the organizational culture, and as a result, this enhances performance and productivity (Buller, 2013). Ideally, when this is appropriately employed, strikes and absenteeism shall never be part of the employees. Additionally, an excellent cultural organization within the workforce will always result in a new culture whereby, trust, mutual respect, and interdependencies between management and labor form part of the organization. In other words, a workplace culture, therefore, can be defined as belief systems, shared values, attitudes and all the set assumption that people who work together to share. Fundamentally, in positive workplace culture, there is an improvement in teamwork which boosts people's morale to ensure proper productivity and efficiency. Along similar lines, collaboration, job satisfaction, and work performance are also being enhanced. Evidently, in a positive workplace environment, there is a total reduction of stress on the side of the employees.

However, such a positive workplace culture can be created in the following ways; One, need to foster collaboration and communication. In an open and honest discussion is always vital in the creation of appositive feeling in the workplace out of this regular audits are ever taken to evaluate how people are interacting on a daily basis. Secondly, there are clear goals and rewards to employees, proper motivation and employee's engagement can only be created in case employees are treated equally and all the goals put in place to be worked towards.

How leaders can build upon or improve the purposeful celebration

There are various ways in which leaders are expected to go to ensure that there is a purposeful celebration within their respective organizations (Parmenter, 2015). First, personal and professional growth should greatly be encouraged, this would mean that leaders are not only interested in the output but also committed to ensuring that their people are the best and employ any necessary measure to ensure that they are always there after which purposeful celebration may follow. Secondly, leaders need to support new ideas. Thus it is upon the leader to involve the team in decision making since this gives them pride and members ownership making them to work hard and later celebrate purposefully unlike other circumstances whereby leaders are demotivating people by shutting down their suggestions or improvements. Other than that, leaders should always be specific with feedback, with vague standards not always easy for someone to improve but instead, such ambiguity can frustrate employees making them wonder why they bother. Therefore, great leaders will still give an understanding that is clear for employees to improve and succeed. As a result, a purposeful celebration may follow in future because of tomorrow's better leadership (Rose, 2015). Furthermore, leaders need to reward their employees with more than just money since this should not be the highest reward priority, but instead, a good leader usually has other alternatives of rewarding employees in return some purposeful celebration within that particular company may follow.


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