Free Paper: Creating a Budget Plan to Support a Grant Proposal

Published: 2022-09-08
Free Paper: Creating a Budget Plan to Support a Grant Proposal
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Free Drug Community is a non-governmental organization locally operating in the US. The organization's objective is to enhance and support people who are troubled by mental health triggered with drug addiction, and so far, we are working at a capacity of rehabilitating 300-500 persons every year. Since the organization is in the US, it serves people within the country regardless of their social status, race or ethnic group. Our organization is looking for 1-year financial support from The Alkermes Aspiration Grants, for a budget of $75,000, which will spearhead most of its operations and attain most of its important goals. It is our first time for our organization to approach Alkermes Aspiration Grants for the grants support.

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Reason for the grant: Through its 5-years of operation, our organization has experience progressive, but significant development based on the number of clients it is serving per month. The number of clients that seek our services surpasses the available resources to accommodate them, and sometimes, we have to turn some clients back to seek services from other organizations. Currently, we are running shortage of some of the important resources required for day-to-day operations. The number of staffs is presently overwhelmed with the workload and need some support and many others as discussed below.

Free Drug Community

ALKERMES Inspiration Grants

Proposed request amount: $75,000


Supplies and Materials

Printing Materials 2900

Electronics 8100

Telephone 4500


Program Staffing/Support

Program Director (1) @ 14 hours per week ($19/hour) 10,640

Program Coordinator (1) @15 hours per week @ ($10/hour) 6,000

Registered Nurse (2) @12 hours per week ($22/hour) 21,120


Finge Benefits Program

Director 17% 1,808

Program Coordinator @15% 1012

Registered Nurse @17% 3,590


Proposed Programs only 800

Travel 1000

Marketing Cost 1200

Rent and Utilities 4000



Consulting 1500

Transportation 2000

Miscellaneous 3500

Indirect Cost/Overhead (12%) 1330


Total Expense 75,000

The funds from the proposed grants will be channeled towards supplementing the extra expenses that were not foreseen during the formulation of the annual budget. If the organization has an enduring deficit, there will be overdependence of the available scarce resources and consequently compromising the quality of mental health rehabilitation services that we offer at our facility. This will possibly lead to the breach of the health standard. Program director, program coordinator and registered nurses will provide support to the existing staff to ensure that the client is attended to and considerable attention is given to each one of them. Expenses such as rent and utilizes are prompted by the expansion of our facilities to accommodate more clients.

Furthermore, to enhance communication and public awareness, the cost of marketing, printing material and electronics emerge to facilitate smooth communications between different parties. The transportation and traveling cost is meant for logistic purposes to promote service delivery. Miscellaneous and overhead cost are recurrent cost some in which emerge due to some errands conducted necessary for the daily operations, it cost increase with the increase of activities in the facility.

Even though your organization does not guarantee the disbursement of grants even after accepting the request, we are still optimistic that you will try your best to offer your contribution towards our core agenda of promoting mental health to the drug addicts. If Free Drug Community wins this grant, it will not only be an advantage to the community but also the individuals who wish to transform their mental states for the good of the community as a whole.

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