Free Essay Example on Foreign Travel

Published: 2019-09-05
Free Essay Example on Foreign Travel
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Travelling outside America, its territories, and all it possessions is referred to as foreign travel. People can either go for pleasure or business. However, in either case, the US government advises and requires that the traveler lay down solid plans and documentations for the entire trip. For instance, if one is travelling for a business trip they are advised to have the following all the expected documentations, a well laid out itinerary, and also learn some basic cultures of the country one is visiting. In most cases, business trips are planned because most foreign countries believe that a personal appearance of the American personnel defines the validity of any transactions made. Successful trips can lead to the generation of new customers and a personalized understanding of the host countrys cultural identity. As a result, the business will be able to authenticate and familiarize with the alien cultural nuance which at times affects the designing, advertising, and packaging of the companys product. Therefore, this discussion will discuss the necessary requirements needed to ensure that the travelers trip is successful, enjoyable, and has limited hitches.

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The most important prerequisite that an individual needs for their trip is to obtain proper documentation. The core documentations are an updated US passport, vaccination records, and a visa from the host country (Nwanna 456). To ensure that all these documents are verified and made available it is important to start all documentation processes early enough because at times it takes more than six weeks to obtain all of them.

An updated US passport validates the nationality of the traveler once they are outside America and its territories. This document can be achieved through some specified local post offices, district courts, passport agencies, and online sites. Applications can be made either by mail or in person at a fee. Identification proof of being an American national is required and an additional two passports. Within three weeks a passport is often ready and processed.

A visa is the second most important documentation that should be obtained. It is obtained from the host countrys embassy in the US but for a fee. Processing a visa takes several weeks especially for those travelling on business purposes but not for tourism reasons. Thus the need to indicate the reasons one is travelling because most countries regulations mandate business travelers to mention the activities they will be undertaking.

Vaccination documents are the other most needed documentations. This paperwork presents that an individual has been vaccinated from typhoid, yellow fever, typhus and other serious diseases as per the requirement of the host country. Nonetheless, those travelling indirectly to the host country are the most restricted to this vaccination document.

The second major requirement for ones foreign travel is to learn about the cultural factors of the host country. An organization that hopes to make profits from their foreign travel should ensure that the business associates they send understand the history, customs, and cultures of their host country. They should be able to adapt flexibly to the guiding principles of this country. From their research, they should understand the host countrys religious customs, humor, acceptable dress codes, and business mannerism or methods (Nwanna 456). This information can be found on travel guides that are found online, in bookstores or libraries. Also, the business representative should be able to research on the host countrys punctuality culture, gift giving customs, negotiation styles, gestures, the meanings of numbers and colors. The importance of studying the alien cultures and traditions is to ensure that one avoids awkward encounters, social embarrassment, insults, and irrelevant comments.

The third most important requirement is for the traveler to lay down a well-planned itinerary. In this case, a travel agent is the most famous personality who should be given the responsibility of arranging for transportation issues, and hotel reservations. Also, they can efficiently help plan one's itinerary with their professional experiences, get the best travel rates, give advice on visa requirements, and also, provide information on hotel rates or their locations. With a good itinerary, the traveler can make the best out of their time abroad (Nwanna 457). Moreover, on the agenda goals and priorities for the trip are reflected, and all the host countrys requirements are outlined. Importantly, a well-planned schedule ensures that the voyage is productive, unlike a crowded agenda which results to rushed appointments. Included in the itinerary are names for possible contacts, business days, foreign holidays, and the countrys regular days.

International travel is enjoyable and results to new experiences despite the reasons that one has for travelling. However, if not well planned it could lead to confusion and plenty of time wastage. Moreover, a trips success can be determined by how an individual spends their time in the foreign country. Most importantly, hitches and interruptions will not occur if a person adheres to all the right documentations as required by the host country. Lastly, it will be easier to live harmoniously with the individuals in a foreign country when one has the basics of their customs and cultural practices.

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