Food Diary Template - Free Essay for Your Use

Published: 2017-12-07
Food Diary Template - Free Essay for Your Use
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Food diary sample


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Day: Sunday

Day: Monday

Day: Tuesday


Apple juice

Wholegrain toast

Cheddar cheese

Two teaspoons of honey

one coffee

one cup skim milk

two slices of brown bread

Back coffee


skim milk (1/2 cup)


300ml yoghurt


Orange fruit

One coffee

Two kiwis




Beef sandwich


300ml water

Four cheese slices


one diet soda

Broccoli (1 cup)

Tuna sandwich

Soda (300ml


Beef sandwich


300ml water

One slice cake

300ml soda

Corn chips



Baked beans

Vanilla pudding

one cup of milk

Two peanut butter sandwiches

300ml soda

Green salad (1 cup)

Chicken breast

Salad dressing


One cup applesauce

Packet of potato crisps

½ pint ice cream

Box of chop chip cookies



Went to bed early

Today’s meals were good and nutritious

The box of chocolate were my favorite meal of the day

My meals today lacked fruits

The ice creams was the idea of my friends idea

Movie in my room

No further meal activities

Today I was a bad lucky as I was feeling sick. The appetite was really low.

However, I drank alot.

Off to bed early

Food diary example


1. Coffee was influenced by being affected by a low appetite.

2. On Monday lunchtime. I chose four slices of cheese, pizza, and soda. It only happened once.

3. Sunday after dinner. I chose one cup of applesauce and potato crisps just to pass tie.

4. I was on a diet. To eat pizza only once a week I followed it to the latter

5. Trying to remain lean is my biggest influence on the diet I chose

6. Health and nutrition does not influence decision making in my meals.

7. Dinner on Tuesday. I toke salads which helps to detoxify your body

8. The unhealthiest meals I took were pizza and chicken breast which are termed as fast foods.

9. I did not perform any training exercise during the three day period.

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