Fire Prevention Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-06 04:33:30
Fire Prevention Essay Sample
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Fires are some of the biggest disasters that affect humans in every part of the world. Fires have claimed many lives and left other people with permanent injuries while others have lost most of their valuables. Most fires start accidentally; the failure to put them out in good time causes them to spread and damage the whole building injuring the people in it. The survival of a person in such a situation depends on tier ability to respond appropriately and in good time. Fire prevention is therefore a mandatory skill every family ought to know to prevent loss of property and lives.

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An article released by the American Red Cross reveals some of the best ways to prevent loss of lives and properties through fires. The most important factor that determines the ability to deal with the fires is the level of preparedness of the people to contain the fire. Preparedness means the ability to detect and contain a fire before it spreads and makes a big damage. Every family, school, workplace and factory ought to have the proper fire prevention tools that help in detecting fires at an early stage. The installation of fire detectors helps in preventing hazardous fires that ruin property and lives. Close to 60% of the deaths caused by fires, occur in homes that lack fire detection apparatus. In such homes, people detect the fire when it is too late as most of them suffer carbon monoxide poisoning while in other cases the fire has blocked all the exits in the house. If such people could detect the fire in good time, their lives would have been saved.

This article supports the idea that preparation is the best prevention strategy in fighting calamities. Preparation equips a person with the ability to react in the correct manner and prevent deaths and injuries from fires and other calamities that occur. Preparation helps in containing the negative effects of the calamity and the damage on the property. Every person ought to understand the correct preventive measures of dealing with different calamities such as fire. Equipping the people with such knowledge, helps them react in an appropriate manner and deal with such situations appropriately. This article confirms the importance of preparedness in dealing with different calamities. Knowledge of how to react in case of fires in crowded places prevents deaths occurring caused by stampedes as the people attempt to escape the building. Prior preparation involves equipping the people with the correct information on how to react in cases of fire.

Preparation is the key to proper containment of any calamity. In cases of fire, preparation not only helps the people detect the fire and respond effectively but also cater for the damages caused by the fire. Preparation involves the setting up of a plan to deal with damages caused by the fire. An insurance plan that can help cater for damages caused by fire helps people restore their lives even after such disasters. People should ensure that they have insured their homes and other property against fire to cater for the expenses incurred in repairing the building and the materials therein after a fire. Although insurance is not a mandatory preparatory activity, it can help contain the damages incurred during a fire. Having an insurance policy helps a person run out of a burning building without thoughts of saving dome of his belongings and helps prevent the trauma and depression caused by such incidents.

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