Essay on Final Project Report: Evaluating Performance, Structure & Techniques

Published: 2023-09-13
Essay on Final Project Report: Evaluating Performance, Structure & Techniques
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A final project report is a recorded document to show how the project done performed. The documentation is used for defending the findings, and the project managers use it to evaluate the project. In this manner, the report should then entail key relevant and precise areas to be able to guide the accessors and implementors in following up on the project. The elements therein are; project performance, administrative performance, organizational structure, team performance, techniques of project management, and benefits to the organization and the customer (Pinto, 2016). Capturing of the details therein will help stakeholders not engaged realize project completion as well as recognize project implementors and show strengths and weaknesses to be focused in case of modification.

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A project is a successful plan executed; therefore, project performance is the element used to capture the results and all happenings. The goals the project accomplished should be obtained to get the steps and ways the problem got solved. The solution did satisfy the intended end user? This part will render the project to have qualified for the implementation (Reardon, 2006). The budget used, errors encountered, possible future solutions also for the project is important. By getting the project performance, it is easy to note the pitfalls and peaks of the project and only realized in a report easily rather than evaluating a project physically.

Project Report

A project report is responsible for capturing the organization structure since this is the implementor of the project. Purposely the report highlights the significance of the group of organization and contribution or huddles caused by the organization structure. The structure is looked into in case of further implementations because the implications of the project should also tell whether changes in the structure should be the main reason for end-user project acceptance.

Most projects in organizations are done in groups, and the report captures the team performance. The team performance is picked from the structure of the organization and is responsible for the inception until project completion. The report then evaluates the handiness of the team in case success or failure. This evaluation will then highlight if the project found the right team that served the project. Furthermore, it creates an easy way for the project managers to evaluate individuals and teams concerning their performance in the project (Reardon, 2006). The noting of the implementors in the report will give an insight into the best staff to handle improvement in the future.

A successful project is seen in the report, and techniques of project management capture the methods through which the plan succeeded. The methods in a project include the time the project took since it is a process. During the time of implementation, what are the methods used in the project? If the methods succeeded, it is then great to use them. Else, if the methods used were not that productive, then it is upon the organization to look into a different possible way. It is essential to consider the importance of the drafted ways in a report since it is easy to retrieve information.

The primary purpose of a project entails finding a solution towards something. At this level come the benefits to the organization and the customer. The evaluators would like to know how the project faired on and can get the information through the report. It is here that the report will state the percentage of success, how the project will benefit the organization as well as improve the customer’s need (Pinto, 2016). The report then gives the solution of the project to satisfy the whole process and provide expected results for a long-term project.


In conclusion, a final project report is very important in capturing the full process of a project and evaluating its performance and success in writing. Also, the team players in the whole organization who contributed towards the project, stating the methods they incorporated in tackling the project. Finally, the purpose of the project report shows the beneficiaries of the project and give recommendations of the same.


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