Essay Sample on the Fictional Story on Lwanda Magere

Published: 2019-05-30
Essay Sample on the Fictional Story on Lwanda Magere
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This essay focusses on a fictional story about Lwanda Magere, an African warrior who was believed to have extra powers that are not expected from any human being. Several years ago, the native people of a given community in Africa used to fight amongst themselves. Fascinatingly, some individuals were frightened of any form of war, and they could stay far away from being involved in any fight. While these kinds of people also existed in the society, there were also other people who were very brave that always wished for the war and community clashes to break at any given time so that they could show their strengths. Therefore, such situation is where you could find people like Lwanda Magere, who was regarded as a brave that no one could dare confront him or even cross his path. He was ailing in North Kanyamfua village in a clan recognized as Sidhu and was married to one wife called Kate. From the African society norms, Magere was polygamous and was believed to be fighting with an individual community called the Nandi. The Nandi ethnic community loved to fight at night though Magere and his fellow Clans group liked to fight at daytime. The Nandi community wanted to fight at night since they like that time, and they also won some other battles when they fight at night.

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Well, when people were fighting, Magere could be spotted at his home just smoking tobacco. The two could be heard during wars when they engage in a dialogue.

Magere: Get me my spear and shield.

Kate: It is in good shape just need some further sharpening.

Magere possesses good fight skills that his people wondered where he acquired such techniques yet he had not attended any form of training. When he gets into the battlefield, he could kill numerous Nandi fighters at ago that ultimately could forces them to get back to their homes and start to reorganize again. Magere was such a strong man that any form of threat that originated from his opponent could not scare him. The Nandi community could be seen deliberating in the best way they could deploy to kill this adamant man. Lwanda Magere was a real obstacle for them to win this battle. The man was so powerful that the Nandi Fighters used to fear him so much. They could go to the battlefield but when they get that Magere was also present in the war, they simply retreat to their homes. The Nandi clan always wondered where these extra powers Lwanda had originated. They feared him to an extent that he could go to the opponent village and make away with their cattle and some other items without facing any resistance. Interesting enough, this happened at daytime when everyone is aware and saw what taking place. Those people who may have tried to counterattack were being murdered on the spot since they could never kill him. Well, this happened since Luanda Magere had his body made out of durable stones known as 'Luanda.'

The enemies never had this secret that Luanda Magere had his body made up of hard stones. That is why he could not fear the opponents since any form of assaults could not offer any threat to this strong man. Actually when the opponent attempts to spear him, their spears and axes they used on the battlefield could physically bend and also did not penetrate his body. From this period, the enemies began to worry what kind of element and substance made up his body. They attempted several occasions to kill this man, but all could not succeed since the stones that made up the body of Magere were so firm that protected him all the time. In fact after several attempts, the Nandi community concluded that Magere was not a true human being, and God did not create that, therefore, they had nothing to do with this case.

After numerous years of effort to kill him which failed, they made a discussion of how they murder him. The community consulted their elders, and they did their self-assessment on the best thing they could use to trap Magere and kill him. The enemies quickly identified a dangerous week point of the Magere community. The Magere community was believed to be naturally polygamous, and the Nandis felt it prudent that they offer him one of their beautiful and attractive daughters to wed. Eventually, they found a nice girl for him called Jane and informed him that they had conceded defeat. And that the only price they could offer Magere was a lovely lady was to give him their daughter to marry, and this could bring a stop to the constant cattle raiding that often happened between the two communities. Since animals were regarded as sacred, anybody who could come and steal their cattle was seen as a genuine enemy.

When they knew that Magere was offered a woman from the opponent reached his wife, she resisted the notion and informed Magere not to marry a woman from an enemy but he could not heed to her advice. Magere thought that he first wife was just resisted being added a second woman. Finally the two married and together they stayed for several years. The lady Magere was given had a single mission, and that is, to discover where the powers and strengths of Magere were hidden. Occasionally, the lady could get back to the Nandi community where she could be asked whether she has already discovered where Mageres powers lied.

Magere: I am feeling unwell and I need you to treat me as I will instruct you.

Jane: Are you serious about your sickness?Magere: Yes, I am feeling some same pain that I must get treated.

Jane: Okay, instruct me on how I will treat you.

That particular day, the first wife went to the garden and by that time Magere was not feeling well. He decided to tell his second wife who was available to cut his shadow and insert some medicine in the place where she had cut. After doing this, blood oozed from his body, and she came to learn where his powers lied. When the wife who was in the garden returned home, she found Magere very ok and asked who has treated him. When Magere replied that he had been treated with the Nandi girl she knew that the girl will betray him. He told Magere that he had set her foot on fire. After a very short time, the lady disappeared and returned to the Nandi community to narrate what she has discovered from Magere. She told them everything regarding the enemy and where to beat when on the battlefield. His wife advised him not to take part in any war especially at day time since as a hero Magere should die like a hero rather than a coward.

Three weeks later after the lady disappeared, a war broke out between the two communities. Magere killed very many enemies he encountered but he also got tired of the fight, and he could no longer run anymore and that the sites where a Nandi warrior aimed and speared shadow that possessed the powers and collapsed. The Nandi fighters who were around begun to celebrate that they had killed a hero from their opponent side, and that could help bring an end to that fight.

What astounded them was that instead of Magere falling he melted, and where he was slain they could simply observe stones forming. From there, they were so proud they went home laughing though others were apprehensive wondering on whether he died, or he was still alive as they could only see stones. The individuals who Magere fought returned home sobbing terribly since their hero had been murdered. The day he died, there was a robust wind all over and in the areas of the two communities, and there was a dense cloud casing on the sky. The place where the hero was killed turned into a big rock, and people always visit that site. It is a brownish rock formed as a curved back of a human, that is partial been sunk into the ground, is fairly visible at the silent site where Magere is believed to have perished. It is thought to be the body of Magere. When sharpen his spear on this rock and then heads for hunting wild animals, you never get back home without killing an animal. The place is common with several people who come to check the actual spirit of the man who is alleged to have been a prodigious warrior.

In conclusion, this story offers many learning points that people can adopt. First people should pay attention to whatever advices they are told. As a hero and especially in a battlefield, you become the focal point of your enemies such you can be subjected to any form of trick that can trigger your downfall.

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