Paper Example on Festivals Tourism and Event Management

Published: 2023-05-22
Paper Example on Festivals Tourism and Event Management
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The events and festivals management field is the most pursued ground in terms of studies. The research shows that this field conjoins with a lot of tourism facts since it involves a lot of movements. This field entails a lot of traits and sacrifices which one should have to make. To begin with, as a manager, I should assume the leadership roles. This means that in one way or the other I should create a distinct pointof how the future could look like based on the set of values more over the set of rules. I can refer to management as the act of putting or transforming the ideas and visions to create a conclusion that works in financial and product means. Management simply is the act of making sure that the final product this in a way that will be acceptable in a particular culture and be in cooperation with the least level of criticism. They aim to provide the product that will be enjoyable by the audience or the associated group. The central role of being a leader is that you have to see an opportunity that nobody hadn't noticed. Only it is an entrepreneur.

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In today's world, the question we have in our mind is how the cultural behaviors of the people have changed compared to the early 1970s, how have the different places parts of the world changed, their traditions and also their roles as the producers or the consumers of the specific product or activities aimed at them because in mid and even law 19th century, most people range of percentage of people in the world were not civilized compared to the 20th century. This makes the study of festival management so broad touching facts about the tourism industry. In such a review, we get to know that there is a relationship between the festival and event planning with tourism.

Events and festivals are mainly or primarily aimed at economic benefits. This can either be marketing he festivals to the tourist or marketing the new culture to the original people of the specified place. Everything comes at a cost as a leader thorough scrutinization needs to be carried out before even the plans begin. A lot of factors need to be kept in place since they are aimed at entertaining the people measures such as the abuse of culture should be kept in place to see that their no abuse of the literature, (Jepson & Stadler, 2017 p. 53). Through these festivals, a lot has to be held in place, to begin with, a copy of the financial statement has to be drafted first. This gives the leader the go-ahead, whereby she will be having a clear picture of what he or she needs to do. As a leader or the head of the planning department, my planning should answer the following, who, where, when, what why how, these words should be answered if, at any point, I want to have an exciting festival. Festivals celebrations are of a different kind, just mention "Holi" is a festival that is celebrated by the Hindu people throughout the country. This festival is pure of Hindu culture. Hindus celebrate this festival to mark the end of winter and to mark the beginning of the spring's season, also known as "the festival of colors." Just to touch on it Brazil have their festival that is celebrated in Rio De Janeiro, it is known as "Rio Carnival" it is celebrated through the Brazilian land where everybody is welcome. As we all know, even a small scale entrepreneur should ask himself such questions for any successful business.

This article is aimed at reflecting and reviewing on an already prevailing acquaintance and probably create a question on that fact about the significant changes in that area. It is argued that many entrepreneurs in the field of festivals and event management do demonstrate their urge for the market to put their products I a broader and broader manner were by without considering the impact that will be on the aimed environment. It can be assumed that these people have no idea what it is meant by a festival event.

Be clear about the knowledge about what it means by festival events, and I am going to give a description of what festival is the festival, (Laing, 2018 p. 167). Development can be understood as a formal time that is intended for the public to celebrate, have fun, and also as a form of entertainment. Festivals can also happen when some fact or concepts is happening. These events rely on a different culture. So as a manager, you have to consider and respect the shows, or the public displays that ill in one way or the other are displayed in the events. These festivals provide education and a lot of interactions from one culture to the other. They spread knowledge from one person to the other. I believe that these events act as a tourism attraction, thus providing a perfect business environment, thus making the exhibitions life so exciting and productive. These festivals have their origin as long ago as the 18th century. A good example is the Handel Centenary Festival, which was held at Crystal Palace in London. It was marketed as a tourist attraction whereby the organizers were found to distribute more than 45000 prospects in the offices in Europe who were serving the railway company in the Crystal Palace railway companies.

I believe that the main aim of the festivals and the events are to cater and close the gap that is there in the financial world. When these events and festivals are held in the cities, they tend to raise the profile of the places, the products they are displaying, and also the raising awareness about the places they come from (Liberato et al., 2020 p. 537). They tend to attract tourists to different places in the world, thus raising the economic profile of the areas. In most of the western cities in Europe, festivals are aimed at recovering the economic drop crises, which has become a critical factor in the motivation of the event planning. I believe that if you want to market your kinds of stuff, festivals such as the product show are the best in case one aims at venturing at the global ventures. These shows or celebrations can be used to reshape something or shape the mindset of the people presenting the reality and the current situation to them during such events to change them.

A good example is the recent festival of South Korea, which is known as the "Gwangju Biennale" festival, which presented the image of 'CITY OF ART" developed by the local government of South Korea to reshape the image of several South Korea cities and their recent development. This was aimed a2t changing their mindset of the people and creating awareness about the places. These festivals are designed a3t energizing these places and brighten them to give them a good and new look. These facts provide interest to the investors who wish to invest in different areas of the country or globe.

Historical review

Research indicates that festivals and event studies and research came to light and developed a relationship with the field of tourism in the late 19th century. The track changed drastically after it was understood that they provide the market value of the different areas. From then on, the research field has changed drastically. Without a doubt, this is considered the best way the field of research shaped the knowledge and the mindset of the people in terms of festivals and events, (Xu & Zhang, 2016 p. 562). It came a time when stamped articles known as hallmark was used in the market through the games. The step was viewed as a right step forward among the tourism researchers. Events are considered as the motivators whereby they serve as advertising tools and awareness creation scenes as they create a mental destination image.

It should be known that though the old means used were not as effective, it created a platform in which the current events and field management fields dwell. Since the current events are held in the urban areas, it now creates a new picture and the whole new means used, including the emergency of righter phraseology, which is used to describe or present the events in a new way. During the old days, the word "Special Events" was used to describe events which takes place for an extended period, the time ranges from a week to more than a month. This term was used to generalize vast activities that mostly are accompanied by destination, e.g., ball games, the Olympic Games. These events, known as mega-events, are the significant events that happen for a short period and takes a much longer time to happen once again. They were described as a significant one-time event by a philosopher known as Ritchie back in 1984. He described them as recurring events that last for a short period. He termed their aim as enhancing awareness, appealing, and the main point being maximizing the profitability of a tourism destination in a specified time, either a long term or short term. As time went by, due to the marketing ethics and conducted, festivals were recognized as one event which includes, playfulness, creativity, and some level of intelligence, and this was considered price full since it incorporated some level of information and a high standard of uniqueness.

Management dimensions

In any function or action which needs to go on well, management is the first thing to consider. D This is the act of guiding the ideas and facts which have already been proposed in place. It applies in business works whereby for proper operation, good management is required. This includes the Maintainance of the service quality in terms of product management and also the flow of the product into the market. In control, there are main facts to consider. These factors include economic impacts, audience analysis, and service quality. Managements are mostly aimed at improving the market, maintaining, and overlooking the considerations concerning the quality of the service offered. Managers ignore the management of festivals and events with a precise reason and under specific rules and guidelines in enhancing marketing and entraining high-quality service and their impacts as suggested by the dedicated group, the residents. Management roles have a lot of principals. These principals must be maintained and kept into consideration as one assumes the managerial position. Those principles include;

Principals of festival management

Leadership roles

Being a leader in a festival event, I will have to deal with the working structures and roles day in a day out. These management roles will are related to some factors which pose the reason, such as the purpose of the festival the effect it may bring to society. In this chapter, I will introduce you to different leadership roles and with the event festival production chain.

As we have seen earlier, advanced management skills emerged from the mid-19th century. This created to exploit every opportunity that was there, (Jordan et al., 2019 p. 1). In the 20th century, sliders had different terms, but all were assuming similar roles. There is anger in some sectors whereby in other companies or firms that are known as executives. During those times, managers were known by sitting down in the offices and doing their work from the comfort of their offices. In some existence, it was turned into an academic discipline an even baptized as management studies. This act of management, while one is at the comfort of his office, was changed by an American management scientist who known as peters back in 2015, whereby hecreated a phrase, "management by walking about." He was unique and uniquely did his things.

I was a manager in a work of art, like the festivals I have to interact with the junior staff regularly. I have to take a different approach, which aims more functional, which is built around one of the artistic visions. This creative vision has changed everything from an art perspective, perhaps to the marketability perspective.

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