Paper Example. Family and Intimate Relations

Published: 2023-08-30
Paper Example. Family and Intimate Relations
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With increased globalization and the intensive exchange of cultures across nations, many aspects have changed notably in the raising of children in families. Some of the elements that significantly influence the raising of children in families include class, race, and gender. The social class takes into account the time use, language use, and kin ties in the sense that families follow a specific routine for each activity to which children are to adhere to. Children are exposed to distinct practices with confines that oblige them to have a smaller circle of people around for those in high social classes.

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For the middle class, children develop their talents and abilities at a young age. Black parents are associated with cultivating their children's cognitive and social skills (Lareau, 2002). However, the race has an insignificant influence on children's development as they advance in a dynamic world of interaction. Gender still plays a critical role in different societies where most parents have defined roles for the boys that are separate from those of girls. However, in developed countries, the gap is being bridged.

The above strategies shape the life chances of children in various ways. They influence children's interaction level as they advance in life and when they are exposed to new environments. The strategies determine the confidence level of children during interaction and how they adapt to these new environments. They dictate the people children will keep closer in their circle at different stages of their life. The strategies also influence the conduct and behavior of the children towards the people in their immediate surroundings. Lastly, the strategy will determine how children view the opposite gender, particularly in the handling of responsibilities in different settings of the society, such as at home or in the workplace.

The most significant problems facing families in the United States and the world include divorce. The United States experiences a high rate of divorce cases due to early marriages among the young population and couples focusing on careers and neglecting their families. It ends up breaking families and individuals remaining single parents, which poses difficulties in raising kids. Another problem facing families is domestic violence and abuse. Violence and abuse among spouses are the most prevalent, with women falling victim to the menace. There is also domestic child abuse, where some parents assault children. It is common where step children and step parents stay together. The above problems can be prevented by parents raising their kids together. Divorced spouses should also avoid remarriages to prevent child abuse.


Lareau, A. (2002). Invisible Inequality: Social Class and Childrearing in Black Families and White Families. American Sociological Review, 67(5), 747. doi:10.2307/3088916

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