Free Essay: Critical Reflection on Personal Leadership

Published: 2018-07-17
Free Essay: Critical Reflection on Personal Leadership
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Path-goal leadership

Reflection can be used to increase the learner's skill and knowledge through his professional life that can facilitate insight, and stimulate self-discovery to take action to the desirable practice (Johns, 1995, p. 39). The reflective model chosen to guide my reflection is Johns model of reflection. As we study in the classroom, we are trying in the critical reflection to integrate theory with practice. For example, using evidence-based practice, we can incorporate research and clinical expertise to make decisions based on patients expectations. My action plan for accomplishing my future leadership goals are to engage in the leadership role and explore to different leadership and management skills and styles. In this paper, I have used John's model of reflection to explain what I intended to achieve in my practicum, my personal thoughts about the new environment, and the outcome of my initiatives.

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As the work environment becomes increasingly complex and multicultural, the need for effective leadership has emerged. Bond & Holland (2011) have studied the skills senior managers should have including the capacity to see the bigger picture, conjure through relationships, and take their professionalism across boundaries. Being able to deal with personal relationships in a professional manner is essential towards achieving the planned professional vision. During my practicum days, I have strived to understand the goal of the leadership role as it focuses on our ability to lead. My weakness in the leadership self-assessment was a less confident and unable to communicate well with others. My first goal I had was to develop my communication skills. More specifically, I was looking to gain proficiency in creating a network with others, and how to be more confident in practicing my leadership role. I feel that having these skills are necessary to achieving any other goal.

Transformational leaders

Transformational leaders always seek better means of conducting their practice without reacting to any circumstances (Bond & Holland, 2011, p. 125). Transformational leadership involves the use of specific strategies to increase individual effort by raising mental awareness about the outcome of one's effort. By increasing self- awareness and investing in the customer, one's success is heightened. Transformational leadership is characterized by vision, optimism, integrity, intellectual challenge and consideration for individuals (Bond & Holland, 2011, p. 150). Based on my Myers-Briggs type indicator and leadership self-assessment, I have developed a clear vision of future possibilities and can now make the decisions based on logic and analysis. I gained these leadership characteristics by working with Mr. B. His style of leadership was transformational. I learned many things such as how to organize my work, and make a schedule for my daily activities. As a result, this has allowed me to be more realistic about my work and enables me to save my time during my working hours. My practice has developed a new sense of direction, which is more orderly, effective, and productive. I have made great strides in accomplishing my plan by staying focused through continued follow-up in my practice. For example, I use a daily and weekly spreadsheet to track whatever am doing and the day is doing it.

To illustrate the outcome of my experience in the leadership environment, I will tell one experience of when I attended a meeting with Mr. B. Mr. B explained how I can develop my skills in meetings through better communication and having more confidence. Before each meeting, he taught me always to be ready for any scheduled meeting. Being ready means that I should know the purpose of the meeting and anticipate its outcomes. As I stated before, as a leader, one should have the ability to keep the relationship intact. That is why, after any meeting one should maintain a mutual relationship with the stakeholders. Although Mr. B. tried to explain to me in details about this, in the first meeting we attended, I struggled throughout as I tried to understand what they were saying. I feel quite bad because I do not know what my problem was. Maybe it was because I could not understand their langue or due to my poor listening skills. When I went to Mr. D., who is also in a leading position to consult with him about this frustrating meeting. He advised me to learn from this experience and look forward towards developing my leadership skills. The leadership skills I require shall develop by practicing more as Mr. D. tells me.

Leadership skills development

Previously, I was working as a direct staff nurse without any leadership experience. My new practicum provided a more complex and challenging work environment. However, the conversation with Mr. D. helped me to be more realistic about my goals. When I remember my goals, I am encouraged to develop my leadership skills even though the process is gradual. I have realized this by observing and understanding the health care environment and the relationship I have with others. By understanding how things are done in this new environment, I will become more confident and gain more experience. For instance, during the following meeting, I was able to engage in the discussion because I became more aware of the surrounding environment and what happens within the hospital. I will constantly seek to challenge myself and develop as a leader although I am still struggling with some organizational skills such as staffing, scheduling, and budgeting that I plan to learn about during my next practicum time.

When one gets into a new and much more complex working environment, learning to practice according to expectations can be troublesome at first especially when the practice requires you to sharpen your leadership skills. However, through my experience with experienced leaders, I was able to develop better communication and engagement skills. These skills enabled me to achieve my goal as a knowledgeable and moral leader.


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